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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Nathan Griffith Accuses Jenelle Evans of Being a Drug Addict

Craziest Teen Mom 2 reunion ever? You better believe it! The stars of MTV’s hit reality show turned out for a therapy session with Dr. Drew Pinsky, and part 1 of the season 7 reunion did not disappoint. 

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans

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Not only did Jenelle Evans confront ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith about his alleged abuse, he accused her of being a drug addict and called her fat. Meanwhile, Corey Simms worked through some ongoing beef with Dr. Drew, and Barbara Evans regaled the audience with the time she joined Tinder to meet eligible sea captains.

Barbara and David Are Basically BFF Now

Remember earlier this season when Jenelle’s boyfriend, David Eason, called the cops on Barbara? It was equal parts depressing and hilarious, but apparently the incident is water under the bridge. 

Jenelle told Dr. Drew that David and Barbara bonded during a night of drinking — though the feisty fan fave did have some harsh words for her daughter’s man. “You do not call the cops on your girlfriend’s mother,” she said. “I don’t think it was appropriate because first of all, these are my grandchildren … they all know that I yell.”

In other news, Barbara revealed that Jenelle’s son Jace was diagnosed with ADHD, and is taking medication to control it — something Jenelle is superworried about. “The medicine he’s taking, it’s a controlled substance, and I’m afraid when he gets older, if he’s still on it, if his friends are like, ‘Oh, let me get some of that,’ or something,” she said.

Dr. Drew assured Jenelle that Jace would be just fine, which is great! Also great: the fact that Barbara joined Tinder to find an eligible sea captain to date. Not so great: the fact that Babs and Jenelle are still going to court for custody of Jace. 

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Nathan Accuses Jenelle of Being on Heroin, Says He Never Abused Her

Nathan and Jenelle’s chat with Dr. Drew was a total nightmare. The former couple agreed that their relationship was toxic, but Nathan took issue with Jenelle’s accusations of domestic abuse. “All these boyfriends are supposedly abusing her, when she’s abusing herself,” he said. “Might wanna show them the little cut on your wrist too.”

Jenelle’s response? “So wait, you didn’t choke me? You never put your hands on me? You never slapped me in the face when I poured water on your face while you were sleeping? When you decided to crash on my house when you were drunk? No? ‘Cause Tori was there — we all saw it.”

Nathan snapped, “Oh, you mean the time when she bit my back, and then you slit your wrist?” That prompted Jenelle to accuse him of cheating on her. But wait, there’s more! Nathan clapped back by questioning his ex’s sobriety, saying, “My son is in an unstable environment with two drug addicts, where you see weed in the background, smoking constantly. Now you have this mysterious illness? You’re not capable of taking care of him. You are totally unstable.”

Apparently these drug accusations are nothing new, because Jenelle confronted Nathan about the time he allegedly called CPS and told them David was a heroin addict/dealer (which he denied). Yikes!

Nathan Calls Jenelle Fat After She Brings Up Their Sex Life

For reasons that remain a mystery, Nathan (allegedly) had his lawyer complain on record that sex with Jenelle was “painful,” and she totally called him out during the reunion special. This led to a deeply awkward conversation in which Nathan attempted to shade Jenelle for chatting about sex — but fear not: She had a flawless response. “I’m sorry it bothers you that I talk about my sex life,” she said. “Sorry I’m not with you anymore.” 

You’d think Nathan would just zip it at this point, but instead he decided to insult Jenelle’s weight, saying, “I don’t want you to be with me. I mean, like, how much pounds have you gained? You gained, like, 30 or 40 pounds, didn’t you?” 

At this point, we’d like to point out that Nathan has gained at least five pounds, in the form of a ponytail.

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Nathan Allegedly Tried to Choke Kieffer Delp

Stop everything, because Kieffer Delp — Jenelle’s notorious ex-boyfriend — is still in her life. Though he wasn’t caught on camera, Nathan said he found Jenelle with Kieffer after they’d broken up. “[Nathan] climbs in my bathroom window at 4 a.m. and bursts in my bedroom at 4 a.m. after he moved out!” Jenelle said in her defense. “It doesn’t matter, Nathan, you moved on, I moved on.”

Nathan also implied that Jenelle cheated on him with David, but Barbara came to her daughter’s defense. “He’s such, like, a liar … and he’s an alcoholic,” she said once Nathan left the room. “He started choking Kieffer so bad he almost, like, killed him, and then Kieffer left the next day and we’ve never seen Kieffer again.”

Barbara also confirmed Jenelle’s claims of domestic violence, saying, “Even when she was pregnant with Kaiser, he was hurting her, he choked her.”

Looks like Jenelle lucked out with David, who ironically said he actually wants Nathan and Kaiser to have a relationship, due to his own experience getting custody taken away while incarcerated. Because that’s right, David has been to jail.

Leah Messer
Leah Messer

Leah Throws Shade at Jeremy Calvert’s Parenting

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert spent the majority of this season getting along great, but she expressed disappointment with his parenting skills (or lack thereof) since he found a new girlfriend and got laid off. “He was doing great, but he just, like, moved in with his girlfriend to Ohio,” she said, telling Dr. Drew that Jeremy sometimes waits weeks between visits with their daughter. “He said he got laid off because he asked to come out here [for this reunion].”

So does Leah still have feelings for Jeremy? Nah … though she did earlier in the season! “At that time, I did still love Jeremy. I did,” she said. “I mean, I’m over it. Completely over it, but that’s just recently happened. I’ve just recently accepted that I don’t think Jeremy and I are good together.”

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Corey and Leah Kiss and Make Up

Leah and Corey Simms haven’t always had the easiest relationship, but it looks like they’re ready to move on. That said, Corey didn’t show up to the reunion, thanks to having beef with Dr. Drew. “When you bring up stuff from the past, obviously it stirs up a bunch of emotions from the past,” he said via video call. “I felt like I was doing the best I could, and you always [made it seem] like I was doing nothing.”

Dr. Drew said sorry to the (former) teen dad, saying, “If I came off as singling you out or harsh, I apologize.”

Corey did explain the reason he and wife Miranda didn’t spend too much time on camera this season: “We didn’t like [last season], so we chose our own route and backed off a little bit.” 

Meanwhile, Leah seemed happy as a clam with their relationship, saying, “Every time we’re all together I just feel so at peace. And my girls’ personality, they’ve just lightened back up.” #Blessed

Tell Us: Do you think Nathan was way out of line?

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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