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‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ Recap: Tara Reid and Dean May Admit They Lied to Get on the Show

The truth will set you free — though it also might break up your relationship. On Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars‘ Friday, August 5, episode, the couples found themselves having to answer tough questions from their partners … while connected to a lie detector. As usual, some fared better than others, and Tara Reid had another mini-meltdown.

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“It was a disaster,” Tara reported of her fight with Dean May the night before. “He kept cutting me off, cutting me off, cutting me off.” Dean’s version of their spat was simple: Tara’s “crazy train” had left the station, and he’d “never wanted to get off so badly.”

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In other news, Toya was seriously questioning her marriage to Memphitz. “I can’t even go to the grocery store without hearing that he’s a woman beater,” she lamented to Brittish Williams, who looked on with pity. Toya said she desperately wanted to ask him if he’d ever hit a woman, even just “a little bit.” (“A little bit” still counts, for the record.) Meanwhile, her husband chatted with Cody Sattler about how his soul was telling him he needed to relocate to Los Angeles, although Memphitz said he wasn’t sure the marriage would survive. Fortunately, Toya and Memphitz would both get their questions answered very soon, thanks to Jim and Elizabeth Carroll‘s activity for the day.

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Sex, Lies — and More Lies

All campers got the chance to ask their partner one burning question about their relationship that would be answered while strapped to a lie detector. Here’s what was asked, how everyone answered, who passed with flying colors, and who crashed and burned.

Lisa D’Amato asked Adam Friedman if he grasped that he was filled with too much fear, and if he was willing to change. Adam asked Lisa if she’d ever had sex with a woman. Adam said he did understand his fear was a problem, and the lie detector showed he was telling the truth. Lisa fessed up that she had been with a woman and also passed. Adam wasn’t thrilled about this news, but took comfort in the fact that she came clean.

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Tara asked Dean if he’d cheated on her in Aspen. He asked her if she’d cheated on him in Vegas. Both of them said they hadn’t, and they were both shown to be telling the truth (though it turned out that may have been due to a technicality rather than the underlying spirit of the question — but more on that later).

Brittish asked Lorenzo Gordon if he’d been with another woman on the night he’d come home at 5 a.m. He asked her if she would be with him, even if he were broke. He swore he hadn’t been with a woman, but the lie detector test showed he was not being honest. She said she would be with him even if he were poor, and the test showed she was being honest. Judge Lynn Toler, who was on hand to pass out the results, told Lorenzo to “straighten it up” and be thankful he had a woman by his side who wasn’t a gold digger.

Michelle Money asked Cody if he trusted her. Cody asked Michelle if she thought he was the one for her. Cody said he did trust her, but the test showed he was lying. Michelle said she did not think Cody was the one for her, and the test showed she was telling the truth. Cody didn’t have much to say about that.

The Truth About Memphitz’s Past With Women

Last up were Toya and Memphitz. Memphitz had wanted to know if Toya would leave him if he moved to L.A. without her. She said no, and the test showed she was being honest. Meanwhile, Toya asked Memphitz if he’d ever hit a woman. He said no — and the test showed he was also being honest.

At this news, everyone in the house burst into cheering, and Memphitz even did a victory dance. He was then surrounded by his housemates, who hugged and congratulated him (which was a little weird, but whatever). Toya seemed very satisfied that this meant they could move forward in their relationship … but she didn’t know what was about to happen next.

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars
The cast of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.’

Campers Hit the Clubs (as Single People)

Jim and Elizabeth then announced that the guys and girls would split up for the evening to hit some nightclubs as single people. The idea was to give them space before they made their final decisions about the fate of their relationships. Naturally, everyone was excited to go, except for Tara. “I’m tired of Dean playing up that he’s the king,” she barked. “It wears on you, the constant drama,” Dean sighed to the camera: “I’m just done.”

Tara ended up going, and in the bus on the way out, she acted like she was about to confess something big. “Now that we’re all leaving tomorrow, I might as well come clean,” she said. The other women leaned in, thinking this would be the moment Tara revealed the truth about her relationship with Dean, but instead she said, “Do you think Dean owns a club? He does not own a club.” To say no one cared was an understatement.

Upon getting to the club, Lisa hit the stage immediately and began dancing. The rest of the girls seemed to be having a good time, except for Tara. When a guy came over and tried chatting with her, she declared that she’d had enough and made everyone leave.

Meanwhile, the boys were getting down and dirty as well. “Dean is the king of the club,” Memphitz declared before burying his own face in a girl’s breasts. Adam, too, was all over another woman — and actually tried to bring her home with them. (To his credit, Dean was the one who told her she could not, under any circumstances, join them back at the house, regardless of what Adam was saying.) When they got home, Memphitz was so drunk he could barely walk, and Cody threw up in the bushes (charming).

Tara and Dean Admit They’re Not a Couple

Dean — who seemed more sober than just about anyone else at this point — headed upstairs to find Tara. “This is just getting out of control,” she snapped when he walked in the door. They then both said they didn’t want to be there, but Dean added that he was “trying to make the best of it.” Dean then added, “We’re just friends. We’re not having a relationship.”

Tara blasted back, “I did it for you because you said, ‘I just wanna make a little bit of money, and I wouldn’t mind the fame.'” Jim and Elizabeth watched the argument over the video system, noting that they had suspected this all along.

“I hate this! I’m just gonna f–king shut down until I leave,” Dean said. On the plus side, they might have been telling the truth about not cheating on each other during the lie detector test … but only because they weren’t a couple in the first place.

Tell Us: Are you surprised that Tara and Dean were able to fool everyone for so long?

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs on We TV Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.  

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