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Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Part 3 Recap: LuAnn Spars With Heather, and Ramona Falls Asleep!

Kristen Taekman, Heather Thomson, Carole Radziwill, Bethenny Frankel,
The Real Housewives of New York City revisited some of the season's biggest moments.  

Part three of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion did a (slightly) better job than part two of moving the discussion forward to new topics, rather than rehashing the same fights the ladies have been having all season. First up to the plate on night three was Sonja Morgan and her "international lifestyle brand," whose existence — despite her successful fashion show — still seemed to be up for debate.

Madonna Came to Sonja's Fashion Show, Says Sonja

All of the women reiterated how proud they were of Sonja's fashion efforts — even Heather Thomson, who had been somewhat salty toward her co-star at the start of her venture.

"I'm very proud of Sonja. She's got it twisted. I don't know why, but I have been nothing but supportive of all of Sonja's ventures," Heather said before clarifying some of her less-than-supportive-sounding remarks. "I was impressed with the fashion show. I was concerned about the retail distribution."

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Sonja took that explanation in stride, but insisted that Heather had nothing to worry about. Then Bethenny Frankel, Heather, and Sonja debated the merits of a variety of factors concerning Sonja's business, including whether the people who had been working for her were consultants or not, whether the collection was really ever slated to be in stores in the spring, and whether Madonna had come to Sonja's show.

"She did come!" Sonja said when asked about the pop icon.

"No she didn't!" Bethenny shouted back, her hands to her head to express her frustration.

"She was outside and there were no security guards," Sonja replied, prompting Andy Cohen to clarify, "Madonna couldn’t get through security?" At this point, Bethenny looked like she was about to explode at the sheer nonsense of it all, but she did admit that she had ordered a few items that she liked. (Apparently, Carole Radziwill had as well.)

Bethenny was generally positive, but did mention her goodies took six weeks to arrive and it didn't seem like the company had much inventory on-hand. The discussion wrapped with Sonja and Kristen Taekman confirming they had put Toaster-Gate behind them. (ICYMI, Kristen Taekman made a comment about Sonja's never-launched toaster company that Sonja didn't like too much.)

Carole and Dorinda Open Up About Their Late Husbands

From there, the subject turned more serious (yes, more serious than Toaster-Gate!) as Andy chatted with Carole and Dorinda Medley about their late husbands. The two had bonded during their trip to London for Carole to pick up her late husband's urn, and it seemed that their friendship was still going strong.

Andy asked each of them what their former loves would have thought of them being on The Real Housewives of New York City.

"Anthony, he honestly does have a very very good sense of humor," Carole mused. "He's laughing, definitely, and smiling and saying, 'Oh no what have you gotten yourself into this time?'"

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For her part, Dorinda said that Richard had been her biggest cheerleader. "Anything I did, he got very excited for me," she reminisced with a smile.

That's when Ramona fell asleep. That's right; in the middle of Carole and Dorinda talking about their late husbands, Ramona just sort of… dozed off.

"I have probably done 100 hours of reunions. Never have I had someone fall asleep," Andy said to Ramona after she had been roused. The host went on to praise Ramona and Bethenny declared her the MVP. (For the record, neither Carole nor Dorinda seemed to take offense.)

Carole's eyes welled briefly as she touched on the fact that she and Anthony never had the chance to have the conversation about how she should move on after his passing, but Dorinda reiterated that Richard had wanted her to be happy.

Asked by Andy what Richard would think of her dating John (the two had apparently been friends), she quipped, "I think he would laugh his ass off."

Sonja Calls Out Ramona

Then it was back to one of the season's tried and true topics: Sonja's drinking. Bethenny recounted her frustration in trying to get through to the oft-intoxicated blonde, saying, "I feel like I'm knocking on the door and no one's answering."

Sonja, however, insisted, "I did hear you!" and then went on to explain how she had taken Bethenny's advice (that she not drink so much) to heart — by only allowing herself wine and champagne.

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Bethenny clarified, "I never called you an alcoholic," which brought Sonja's attention to Ramona, who had been the messenger of that little (erroneous) tidbit.

"I was very hurt that Ramona had said that," Sonja admitted, "But I've known Ramona for so long and she loves to create drama. So when you girls were all talking she's like, 'Oh I'm worried about her I put water…'" Sonja trailed off for a moment. "That's such bulls—! She's always there with another glass of rosé for me!" She then turned to her friend and argued, "You're the first to always ask me to stay out longer!"

From what the cameras have shown this season, Sonja's not entirely wrong, and, as is par for the course when she knows she's gotten herself backed into a bit of a corner, Ramona didn't have much to say in response — which was fine, because no one was getting anywhere with this topic anyway.

Who Broke the Girl Code?

Andy tried, once and for all, to get to the bottom of what happened with the guys in Turks and Caicos. Though some of the details still remained murky at best, he did confirm that Ramona and LuAnn de Lesseps brought two dudes back to the villa.

Late at night, after a lot of drinking and dancing, Ramona's guy said he was too drunk to go home so she told him he could sleep in Bethenny's room (since Bethenny had departed that morning), but that he was forbidden to use the attached bathroom because it connected to another room where another woman (i.e. Heather) was sleeping.

With a sheepish grin, Ramona recounted telling her guy he could stay over, but he "better be out before anybody wakes up." Kristen did not like that so much.

"Ramona, It is completely inappropriate and sloppy of you to send a complete stranger that you met two hours ago upstairs to a random room and the rules are just, 'Don't use the bathroom!'" the nail polish purveyor blasted. "That's gross and disgusting and that, my friend, is breaking girl code." Ramona seemed to pretty much shrug it off.

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That's when the convo turned to LuAnn, whose companion had reportedly been married.

"Apparently, as far as I can remember, he was married," the "Girl Code" singer admitted. "He was divorcing. We were talking about it the whole night."

When Andy questioned how she could sing a song called "Girl Code" when she had "been with" a married man, LuAnn kind of snapped.

"I wasn't with him. What were you insinuating?" she asked sharply. "We were hanging out." She went on to insist all they did was take a walk on the beach [insert epic Bethenny eye-roll here].

"I'm a grown woman. I can do what I want!" LuAnn shouted.

"Nobody cares who you f—," Heather said.

Bethenny explained to Heather that's not why LuAnn was upset. "She feels that these are her friends and that they wanted to catch her with another pirate." (As a refresher, LuAnn was caught on a previous season with a guy who looked like Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean.)

Heather and Carole readily denied they were trying to catch Lu doing anything.

"You offended me. You totally violated my privacy!" LuAnn screamed.

"You owe these two women a thank you because you have a new hit song," Kristen offered.

Ultimately LuAnn hugged Heather and made up — starting a sort of weird domino chain of other women hugging too.

The reunion wrapped with Bethenny praising the season for not being "trashy and dirty and disgusting." The franchise vet explained, "This is a s— show but we can all figure out how to make it work and respect each other as women and support each other as women, and maybe it's because we're all a little bit older." Bravo, ladies. Bravo.

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