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‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ Recap: Shannon Beador Bawls After She’s Blamed for David’s Affair

Rock on! Shannon Beador‘s daughters’ rock band was performing on the Monday, September 19, episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but the volume wasn’t the only thing turned all the way up! When the extended family came into town, the Beadors went from a big gig to a big gag. Beyond that, Tamra Judge and Meghan King Edmonds still had to sort out their disagreement over Meghan’s refusal to see Vicki Gunvalson when she was hospitalized, so let’s get to it!

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LOCKed and Loaded

Shannon was so excited for her daughters’ big gig. The three girls — Sophie, 14, and Stella and Adeline, both 11 — formed their band, LOCK, in 2013, and though they’d played shows before, this one was going to feature their first original song!

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The proud mom might have been a little too excited, though. As the girls rehearsed, Shannon sat in the studio yelling out suggestions and even ran up to the mic and started singing at one point. In a confessional, she told the camera, “If you play rock ’n’ roll , you play rock ’n’ roll!”

Maybe she was distracting herself from the fact that she had only days to pack up her stuff, buy new furniture and get out of her house.

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Forgive and Forget (to Forgive Everyone Else)

Even though she had postponed the big fitness competition because of the horrible dune buggy accident, Tamra was still working out. The oh-so-religious Housewife was looking to her trainer/spiritual adviser, Mia, for advice on how to proceed now that she’d told Meghan to “go to hell.”

Tamra was preparing to head over to Shannon’s house to help her pack and move, but she knew Meghan would be there, so she called Kelly Dodd for backup. If you ask Us, that wasn’t a smart move friendshipwise, but from a reality television standpoint, it was brilliant. Kelly has been feuding with Shannon, Tamra has been feuding with Meghan, Kelly’s friendship with Meghan has been dissolving, and Tamra and Shannon just made up at the end of the last episode! The four of them swore that they’d spend the day working on making amends. Okay! Sure!

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Even Kelly’s brand new friend, Heather Dubrow, was there, but that made it no less awkward, and made Shannon no less annoyed that she had to deal with the foul-mouthed new Housewife. Still, when Kelly apologized for calling her the c-word that one time, Shannon accepted, telling the camera, “I’m a forgiving person!”

Uh, Shannon? Do you not remember last episode when you said part of the reason you didn’t visit Vicki in the hospital was because you will never forgive her for Brooks Ayers lying about his cancer …?

The Young and the Reckless

The inevitable Tamra-Meghan confrontation was next! Or was it?

“Honestly, I am gonna leave instead of acting like there’s no issues here because clearly nobody wants to talk,” Tamra said as the ladies took a packing break. Then she turned to Meghan and said, “Meaning you.”

Tamra didn’t actually leave, of course. Instead, she called out Meghan out for calling her “reckless” because she tipped a dune buggy her friends were in. Meghan countered by saying she didn’t like when Tamra hung up on her after she said she wasn’t going to see Vicki.

“Sorry I told you to go to hell,” Tamra said. “Not sorry I hung up on you.”

The 'Real Housewives of Orange County' season 11 cast
The ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ season 11 cast

A Rockin’ Affair

After all the apologies at the packing party, Shannon even invited Kelly to see LOCK perform, so for the time being, everyone was getting along! Well, Vicki had ignored Shannon’s phone call apologizing for not visiting her in the hospital, so she wasn’t at the venue the night of the gig. Oh, and Shannon’s much-disliked in-laws showed up too, so actually, scratch that. Everyone was not getting along.

While the girls performed, David Beador’s mom, Donna, was casually telling Kelly that she never gets to see her grandkids because Shannon “hates my guts.”

“Why is this lady even telling me this information?” Kelly asked the camera. We don’t blame Kelly for being confused because moments ago, Shannon had been explaining that her mother-in-law never came over because the older woman supposedly hated Shannon.

Kelly told Shannon what Donna said, and Shannon told David, but before he could go tell his mom to stop airing out the family’s dirty laundry to a bunch of women she’d never met, Donna turned to Tamra and announced that Shannon had pushed her son into the affair that nearly ruined their marriage.

Everyone went upstairs to eat dinner, leaving Donna behind. That’s when Tamra told Shannon what was said. It’s also when Shannon freaked all the way out. She started screaming and stormed out of the dinner in tears. Then she returned, told David to go defend her and sat at the table to be comforted by her friends.

David proclaimed his love for Shannon to the group (as if he even needed to after renewing his vows to her at her surprise birthday party), and again in the car with the kids. Shannon looked miserable but congratulated her daughters on a great performance.

Tell Us: Did Shannon’s mother-in-law go too far?

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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