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‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 6 Reunion Part 2 Recap: Yolanda Foster Cries Over Family Rumors, Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Past Abuse

And … fight! Round two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6 reunion started out dramatically because, well, round one ended just as dramatically! On the Tuesday, April 26, episode, Lisa Rinna was so overcome by one of host Andy Cohen’s topics that she actually walked out, and Lisa Vanderpump made a shocking revelation about her past. Read Us Weekly’s recap to learn what all of that was about.

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Three Walk-Offs for the Home Team

The episode picked up where the last one left off, as Lisa R. explained to Yolanda Foster that Lisa V. found Harry Hamlin’s concerned comments about the former model’s illness to be a little too kind for reality television. The Lisas got into an argument about which of them was really trying to push the idea that Yolanda’s Lyme disease was a byproduct of Munchausen Syndrome. During that argument, Yolanda was overcome with tears and walked off set, with Erika Girardi following close behind.

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The cameras joined Yolanda and Erika in the dressing room, where Yolanda cried in private. She collected herself, returned to the set and admitted that the battle of the Lisas made her question who she could trust. Andy pushed her, asking who she believed. She still wasn’t sure, so Lisa R. got up and walked off set for a moment, too. So yeah, three Housewives walked off in the first five minutes.

Yolanda’s Lyme disease was the main topic for a few more minutes as her children Anwar and Bella Hadid were brought up, too. They have also suffered from the disease, and Lisa V.’s friendship with Yolanda’s ex Mohamed Hadid was affected when she felt he had betrayed her by not disclosing his children’s health battles to her. The Sur boss said they were working on getting the friendship “back on track.”

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Andy tried to get Erika back into the drama by reading a fan question about her seeming dishonesty when it came to gossiping about Yolanda and her kids. But Erika brushed it all off, saying she held no grudges about anything that had happened, including Lisa. R. calling her a “p—y.”

Yolanda made up for Erika’s disinterest in drama by starting to cry again, telling everyone they’d be ashamed of talking about her family if they spent one day in the clinic with her and saw the other families there suffering. Both Lisas rushed to hug her. Everyone apologized at once, and it was oddly heartwarming for a reality-TV reunion show.

12 Steps Forward

Andy brought the show back from a commercial break with the grace of a parent ripping off a kid’s Band-Aid when he swiveled to Kim Richards and asked her about the death of her ex-husband and best friend, Monty Brinson. She barely had time to emotionally respond that she was doing okay before the topic changed to her difficult relationship with sister Kyle Richards. That relationship strain was due in part to Kim fleeing rehab and getting arrested for shoplifting.

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Their eventual reconciliation was featured in a flashback that also showed Kim saying, “I guess I’m hard to love.” The Escape From Witch Mountain star restated that after the retrospective ended, but Kyle assured her this wasn’t true.

“If I didn’t like you at times, I always loved you,” she insisted as Kim dabbed at her eyes.

Kathryn Edwards’ eyes were welling up, too; she blew kisses in the sisters’ direction and said, “I’m so cheering for you, Kim.” She was backed up by Eileen Davidson, who asserted, “So am I!”

Not to be outdone, Lisa R. tried to tell Kim that she was rooting for her, too, but Kim took her time explaining how Lisa had hurt her with her apparent callousness. Lisa apologized for calling Kim “dangerous” and calling her arrests “gross.” Kim then wheeled on Eileen, accusing her of “over-exaggerating” the seriousness of situations (like Kim’s drinking) and making their show more of a soap opera than a reality program.

Kim declined to discuss her recovery or the court case related to her shoplifting. She and Kyle focused on laying out the positive steps they’ve taken to renew their relationship.

An Unfair Affair

The reunion then treated Us to a montage of all the party scenes from this season. Kyle, once again, had to defend her decision to host a “barbecue” with no barbecuing. Lisa R. said she was going to have a “real” barbecue in the coming year, so look forward to that next season!

Andy moved on to asking Lisa V. and Eileen about the discomfort that arose when Lisa wouldn’t give up talking about “the affair” between Eileen and husband Vincent Van Patten. We got to see a hilarious mashup of all the times Lisa claimed she couldn’t understand why Eileen was so upset over being grilled about how she met her husband (while they were married to other people).

“You’re pretty calculated,” Eileen told the Vanderpump Rules star. “I don’t think things come out of your mouth flippantly.”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa V. kept insisting that she didn’t understand why Eileen was offended and that she just used the word “affair” to describe any old romance. Eileen wasn’t having it and told her she didn’t trust her and had found her “condescending” and “dismissive.”

The rest of the Housewives argued a little over whether Lisa V. really had been malicious with her questioning or not. Eileen stood firm, saying that Lisa manipulates all the time.

“I’m sorry that you find me manipulative,” said a very confused-looking Lisa.

Eileen was called on to defend why she was comfortable discussing past abuse but not her affair, which seems like a very strange question to Us. Eileen, too, thought there was no correlation there and said as much. Then, she brought up Lisa V.’s blog, in which the restaurateur wrote she would never discuss her past abuses the way Eileen had.

“When were you in an abusive relationship?” Andy asked her. Somewhat reluctantly, Lisa V. responded that she was 19 when she was threatened and harmed by a partner. Andy attempted to press her on the topic, but she started to choke back tears.

Tell Us: Which Lisa do you think is responsible for the Munchausen debacle? 

Part 3 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6 reunion airs on Bravo Tuesday, May 3, at 9 p.m. ET.

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