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‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recap: Yolanda Foster Threatens Kyle Richards, Sends Ladies a Scolding Email

The People v. Yolanda Foster! The Lyme-stricken Housewife confronted her frenemies on the Tuesday, February 23, episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and it was basically the most awkward thing ever. Not only did Yolanda accuse Lisa Vanderpump of “talking s–t,” she wrote Kyle Richards an angry email and cc’d everyone on it. Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna chatted about her love for dildos with Jenny McCarthy, and Vanderpump almost expired during a charitable SoulCycle class (yes, that’s totally a real thing). Just your typical Tuesday!

Yolanda Foster

50 Shades of Lisa Rinna

TMI! Rinna gave a radio interview with McCarthy (who had just come off facial injections, by the way), and let’s just say her lips did all kinds of X-rated talking. “Here’s the thing with Harry,” Lisa mused. “It’s the guys that I’m more nervous about. It’s the guys that wanna f–k Harry. Harry likes p—y, period.” Good to know! But wait, there’s more. Lisa also mused on her love for strap-ons, saying, “I don’t know why I even strapped it. I think I just wanted to try it. I think a dildo’s just a good thing. A big one.” #TheMoreYouKnow

Wait, Did Yolanda Really Call Lisa Bipolar?

In case you blocked it out due to #DramaOverload, Yolanda claimed that Rinna was bipolar during last week’s episode of RHOBH. Or rather, she claimed that she could claim it, which was in itself claiming it — you follow? This week, the recovering model clarified her stance on Lisa’s behavior.

“I never said Lisa Rinna was bipolar,” Yo insisted during a ladies’ lunch. “Judging her by her behavior, if you throw a glass of wine at somebody and send somebody a text message saying, ‘I’m gonna come and f–k you up,’ and then put the seed that somebody had Munchausen whatever disease, I could potentially call her bipolar. But I would never do that because it’s not my place to do so.”

Surprisingly, Rinna told Kyle that she understood where Yolanda was coming from. “If you wanna think that two moments of me losing my s–t are making me look like I’m bipolar, OK,” she said. “But I understand why she’d want to do that. I get that — I do. You wanna hurt back.”

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Yolanda Just Reaches Peak Drama

Apparently, Yolanda is in the market for even more friendship feuds because she was not pleased when Kyle brought up Rinna’s comments at lunch. “I get what you’re saying, Kyle — I’m just asking you to drop it,” she said. “I hold a lot in the vault, honey.”

Kyle responded by asking if Yolanda was threatening her, and things only escalated from there. Not only did Kyle tell Yolanda to give her a “f–king break,” Yolanda felt the need to school Vanderpump for “talking s–t” about her children, Bella and Anwar Hadid.

“I’ve never talked s–t about your children,” Vanderpump said before storming out of the restaurant. “And I defended your children when the town drunk [read: Brandi Glanville] turned around and she said, ‘Oh, Bella — it’s reported that she’s an alcoholic.'”

Oh, snap. Two birds, one burn.

You’ve Got Mail

Thought things couldn’t get more tense in Beverly Hills? Think again. Yolanda decided to write Kyle an angry email, and opted to cc everyone in the friend group. “I explained to her from a very clear point of view what I had to say about her behavior, and I wanted all the other girls to hear it as well,” Yolanda explained, rationalizing her decision to involve the group.

Cool, but Rinna was not having it. “It is passive-aggression at its finest,” she fumed upon reading the email. “And projection. There’s something going on. A good friend doesn’t store secrets to use them at a later date.… That’s a vicious, mean narcissist that does that. It’s an empty threat. And only p–sies do that.”

So, what exactly did Yolanda’s email say? The Housewives took turns reading the following out loud: “I’m coming out of a three-year ordeal of living in a mentally paralyzed cocoon due to an infection in my brain called Neuroborreliosis. I arrived with a great attitude yesterday and proud of myself for making it out of bed and joining you girls. For you to come down on me so hard is beyond my understanding, and it left me quite confused. I’m just trying to catch up and participate — I don’t need your pity — but I do ask you kindly to respect my situation. Your lack of compassion is not a pretty look.” *snaps fingers*

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Erika Brings Up the Ghosts of Drama Past

Poor Lisa Vanderpump literally cannot escape controversy. For some unknown reason, Erika Girardi decided to throw shade at the English rose during a hang session with newbie Kathryn Edwards, and for some even more unknown reason, Kathryn relayed this during a group lunch.

“She said just to be aware of you,” Kathryn told Lisa. “She said don’t get caught in her web.”

Lisa complained that Erika’s comments were “child’s play,” but seemed ready to brush them aside until Eileen Davidson jumped in to rehash comments Lisa made a million episodes back. “You’re right — I’m a terrible f–king person,” Lisa eye-rolled. “Ugh, I’m a man — I’m not a woman.” 

At the end of the day, Eileen and Lisa agreed to disagree, but we have a feeling this isn’t the last time they’ll butt heads. Honestly, we blame Giggy. There, we said it.

Tell Us: Do you think Yolanda was wrong to cc the Housewives on her email to Kyle?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST.

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