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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Reunion Recap: Phaedra Parks Gets ‘Caught in a Megawatt Lie’

Well, that was wild. On Sunday, May 7, the fourth installment of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion ended the season with screaming, tears, and friendships (most likely) destroyed beyond repair. Watch our video recap above! The episode opened where the last one left off — with Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks at each other’s throats about Phaedra’s accusation that Kandi had schemed to drug Porsha and take her home. Porsha reiterated that Phaedra had said she’d heard this firsthand from Kandi and then turned to Phaedra to confirm this story.

Phaedra Denies

To Porsha’s surprise, Phaedra said that wasn’t exactly true, but instead it was something that she’d heard from someone else (someone else = not Kandi). That certainly seemed like news to Porsha and her face fell flat in total shock.

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“The lies! The lies!” Kandi shouted as Porsha looked at Phaedra, stunned. “I trust you as a friend,” Porsha began. “There’s nothing that I think that you would tell me that could hurt me or damage someone else.” Phaedra was silent, so Porsha continued. “You said ‘first person.’ You said, ‘Kandi told me this.'”

Phaedra replied by mumbling a vague denial. “We can’t play with stuff like this!” Porsha snapped. At that point, Phaedra admitted, “I screwed up,” and Kandi broke down in tears saying she’d seen the hashtag #KandiAKABillCosby.

“You should understand that drugging somebody while they’re drinking and taking them home is rape. Y’all accused me of being a f–king rapist! That is crazy!” Kandi screamed. That’s when Andy Cohen said maybe they should take a break. (Ya think?)

Phaedra Apologizes to Porsha

Backstage during the break, Porsha confided in her sister, Lauren, who couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “This whole time she lied and used me to hurt Kandi,” Porsha mused. “Like, were you my friend, ever?” Meanwhile, Kandi continued freaking out. Andy stopped by to check on her and confessed that even he was “shocked” by this revelation.

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Moments later, Phaedra paid Porsha a visit. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have repeated it,” Phaedra said. 

“You have to understand how f–ked up this is and how f–ked up I’ve been looking standing by your side and holding you down because that’s the type of friend that I am!” Porsha shouted. “You’ve got to give me some answers because what I feel is that you used me as a pawn against Kandi.” Phaedra insisted she hadn’t done that and admitted, again, that she’d “screwed up.”

Andy Puts Phaedra in the Hot Seat

Once formal filming resumed, Andy started with Phaedra, asking what had happened. “I made a rash decision,” she said. Porsha asked Phaedra when she had intended to stop the madness. Phaedra mumbled, “I’m sorry,” and Kandi shouted that Phaedra was “never” going stop the madness or save Porsha.

“She lies all the time!” Kenya Moore shouted, though she also thought Porsha was a liar, just for the record. “Why did you tell me that Kandi said it to you personally?” Porsha asked Phaedra. Phaedra then suggested perhaps Porsha had misheard her. Right.

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Porsha said she couldn’t hear Phaedra’s apology right now and Phaedra then admitted she had told Porsha it was firsthand information. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have repeated it. I’m sorry. It was bad judgment on my part,” Phaedra said. She then also admitted that she’d been the one to tell Porsha “the Marvin thing.” (ICYMI, Porsha claimed that Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker, had been telling women his name was Marvin so he could cheat on Kandi.)

Andy asked Phaedra point-bank if she had done all of this out of anger, but she denied that. Despite Andy’s encouragement to “own it,” Phaedra seemed incapable of coming clean in a straightforward way.

Porsha Apologizes to Kandi

“I’m here to be direct and I’m here to say that I am very, very upset for being used as a pawn,” Porsha began. She then turned to Kandi and added, “I feel horrible. From me, I am apologizing to you.” Kandi was still angry that Porsha had ever believed this lie and Phaedra chimed in to say that she too hated that this happened. “I’m sorry,” she said. No one seemed to want to hear Phaedra’s apology, however.

The topic then briefly touched on Johnny, Kandi’s former employee who was suing her via an attorney Phaedra had introduced him to. “I just felt like she was definitely, purposely trying to get back at me in a way that was going to hit my pocket,” Kandi said. Phaedra denied that as well, but it didn’t seem like anyone believed her. Kandi then revealed she was being sued for an eye-popping $168,000 in unpaid overtime. Kandi reiterated she had paid Johnny all of the money she owed him, prompting Phaedra to say that Johnny’s documents said something different. “Because he made it up!” Kandi shouted.

Andy Puts Phaedra in the Hot Seat … Again

As the episode wrapped, Andy looped back to Phaedra. “You got caught in a megawatt lie. I don’t know that you’ve completely copped to it,” he said. “I’m trying to figure out what’s going on in your mind because you’re very—”

“Calculated,” Kandi interjected.

Andy said that wasn’t what he was going to say, but that he knew Phaedra didn’t like to let people see her sweat. “So what are you feeling?” he asked.

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Phaedra said she didn’t think it was going to go down like this. “What more can I do? I apologized already and the person I’m most concerned about is Porsha.” Kandi rolled her eyes at that line. “I’m sorry that it hurt Kandi as well,” Phaedra added.

Porsha said she hadn’t heard what she needed to hear. “I don’t know if I will be able to move past this,” she added. “We have a connection here and the connection is pain.” She added that she didn’t want to be a part of that cycle anymore.

Kandi said she ended the season feeling “vindicated” but also “disappointed.” Sheree Whitfield said she felt “empowered.” Cynthia Bailey was still openly stunned by everything that had just transpired, and Kenya smiled when Andy noted that it was the smoothest reunion yet … for her.

Tell Us: What did you think of Phaedra’s admission?

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