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‘RHOA’ Reunion Recap: Kenya Moore Tells Porsha Williams She Only Knows What She’s Saying When There’s a D–k in Her Mouth

With friends like these … it must be the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion! The second installment of the three-part special kicked off on Sunday, March 27, by revisiting the brawl between Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams on Kenya Moore‘s booze cruise (which, as a refresher, was allegedly hosted in order to take Cynthia’s mind off her marital troubles) — but the topics and tempers only got more heated from there.

Real Housewives of Atlanta
Tammy McCall, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks Nida, Kim Fields. Mark Hill/Bravo

Maybe Don’t Call Each Other ‘Bitch’

ICYMI, the fight between these two ladies began when Porsha casually called Cynthia “a bitch.” Though they’d all been calling each other the b-word all day, this time set the eyewear purveyor off, sparking a physical fight that ended when security guards peeled them apart. Now with some perspective, what did each participant think of the way she’d behaved?

For the most part, they were both apologetic. “I just turned 49 years old and I’ve never been in a physical altercation with anyone in my life,” Cynthia began. “It is an isolated incident that will never happen again, because it’s not what I do.”

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Still, they got tangled into a play-by-play of who did what that ultimately devolved into a new fight between Porsha and Kenya. Sigh.

Kenya Vs. Porsha: Round 1

When Kenya chimed in about her own physical altercation with Porsha from a previous season, Porsha took the bait. “If she brings up our incident one more time, Andy,” Porsha began telling host Andy Cohen before trailing off. “Can we end our incident with the fact that she pulled a grown woman’s chair out and leave it at that?” (Kim Fields kept her mouth shut for the time being.)

“Let’s get to the point of you beating up your assistant at the finale!” Kenya shouted.

“Let’s talk about you and the one-eyed African who’s married!” Porsha snapped back.

Though Andy seemed quite intrigued by the one-eyed African comment, it was never really clarified by either party. Instead, Kenya told Porsha, “You’ve been in three incidents now involving violence. Three. You are the one with the problem.”

Cynthia’s Marriage Leads to Kenya Vs. Porsha: Round 2

Peter Thomas joined the group of women briefly to discuss the state of his marriage. Both he and Cynthia insisted they were in a good place despite not spending much time together. (Peter was in Charlotte, while she was in Atlanta.)

When Andy said it sounded like they were actually separated, Peter didn’t miss a beat. “It sounds like we’re separated,” he said. “But we’re not.” He also continued to insist that despite the damning video evidence, he was not guilty of carousing with another woman — and Cynthia claimed to believe him.

“I think if he was going to come on to someone, he probably wouldn’t do it in front of everyone in the club,” she reasoned. It wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement, but it put the subject to bed … well, until a few seconds later, when Porsha made reference to everything she knew about their marriage.

“I wish you would open up about my marriage!” Peter shouted, challenging Porsha to share whatever secrets she kept referencing. At this point, Kenya attacked, asking Porsha to specifically name the rumors she was talking about.

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Before Porsha could really respond, Kenya snapped, “Shut your mouth, Porsha, because if there’s not a d–k in it, you don’t even know what you’re saying.” (No one commented on whether that slam made any sense and Porsha blasted back with a reference to Kenya doing a “tuck” every day before she came to work.)

Finally, Porsha told Cynthia, “Find out how your waitresses are getting paid and it’s full of penis.” Peter challenged Porsha to “publish the list” of all of the women that he was sleeping with and then Andy asked Peter, point blank, if they would still be married if Cynthia left the show.

Peter said their marriage would be “better” if she weren’t part of the cast (but no one seemed to believe him), gave her a kiss and exited for the time being.

Kandi Criticizes Phaedra’s Handling of Her Children’s Relationship With Apollo

It seemed that no one was safe from criticism, however. After recounting taking her two young boys to see their father, Apollo Nida, in prison, Phaedra Parks made it clear that she wanted everyone to keep their opinions of how she’d been handling the delicate situation to themselves, adding that many of her “friends” hadn’t made much effort to check in on her family in the meantime.

That’s when Kandi Burruss piped up. “No, I have not reached out about seeing the kids or anything like that, because she and I have not been in a good place, obviously,” Kandi explained before adding, “I felt like it was sad that Dylan didn’t even know his dad.” When Phaedra argued it was hard for her younger son to know his dad when his dad was behind bars, Kandi didn’t buy the excuse. “Eventually he is going to come home and you’re going to have to deal with that.” She ended by telling the lawyer, “I can’t just tell you what you want to hear how you want to hear it.”

Kandi Defends Kenya

But as much as she was ready to go for the jugular when it came to Phaedra, Kandi was equally ready to defend Kenya. After taking a trip down memory lane over their quick jaunt to Miami (during which Kenya infamously kicked Tammy McCall Browning‘s nephew out of their house after inviting him to hang out with them in the first place), everyone seemed to be down on Kenya, except Kandi.

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Phaedra argued that Kenya asked him to leave not because she actually felt threatened as she’d said, but instead because she’d wanted him and he hadn’t been interested in her. That’s when Kandi jumped in.

“I cannot believe y’all are acting like that’s OK,” she said, referencing the way Tammy’s nephew had been behaving that night. “That dude was saying some crazy stuff, not just about her, about everybody and regardless of whether you like Kenya or not, and regardless of whether she should have said anything else as he was walking out the door, he should never have turned around and aggressively started throwing up gang signs, calling her all kinds of crap, like he was going to do something to her.”

Sheree Whitfield admitted “he probably was” going to do something to Kenya had security not stepped in. Nobody actually disagreed with that statement, but nobody was willing to say anything in Kenya’s defense either.

Tell Us: Do you think Kenya can repair any of these relationships?

Part three of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion airs on Bravo on Sunday, April 3, at 8 p.m. ET.

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