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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Finale Recap: Kim Zolciak Spars With Kenya Moore at Sheree Whitfield’s Party

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Just because you’re in Atlanta doesn’t mean there isn’t a chill in the air. On the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday, April 9, Sheree Whitfield was busily planning her grand reveal party for Chateau Sheree. The theme was masquerade and the hostess was sparing no expense — and except for the fact that she had no appliances (oops), the house was looking pretty good. Still, Kandi Burruss was at odds with both Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks, which meant getting through the event without any incident was unlikely.

Kandi and Riley Meet Block

Throughout the season, Kandi had been trying to encourage her daughter Riley to open up communication with her father, Block Spencer. Finally, Kandi had gotten Riley to agree to meet Block for dinner — as long as Kandi came too. When Block arrived, it was clear that Riley was extremely uncomfortable and didn’t want to talk to him. Block asked about the song that Kandi had written for Riley to sing and they played it for him, which made things even more uncomfortable because the song was clearly about him being a deadbeat dad. Block insisted he was “here now” and “trying to make up for lost time,” but Riley said she’d basically never heard from him before. He replied by calling her “brainwashed.”

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Kandi didn’t like that so much, and she and Block soon got into a heated argument. Block insisted that Kandi should have forced Riley to reach out to him. As they yelled across the table, Riley pulled out her phone, prompting Kandi to order her to put it down. Riley did as she was told. “He’s the adult. I’m the child. It’s not brainwashed because no one had to tell me,” she said. She then turned to her dad and added, “You’re brainwashed.” Block asked if they could move forward and Riley gave a lukewarm yes, but she didn’t seem very optimistic.

Johnny’s Lawsuit Moves Forward

Meanwhile, Kandi’s former employee Johnny Winston met again with the lawyer Phaedra had connected him with. For moral support, Phaedra joined him too. After reviewing Johnny’s case, the firm decided they would move ahead in representing him in his wage claim against Kandi Factory. Though Phaedra wasn’t his lawyer (technically) it was hard for her to mask her delight upon hearing Kandi was going to be sued.

Later, Kandi got the call that Johnny was suing her. “Get the f–k out of here,” Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker, said. “He ought to be ashamed of himself,” Kandi added. She then commented that she suspected that Phaedra was behind it somehow — and she was determined to find out.

Porsha Visits Her Father’s Grave

In another part of town, Porsha and her sister Lauren went to visit their father’s grave. Porsha broke down in tears and said how grateful she was that they had such a good relationship. More than that, she realized that she might actually want the “fairy tale” of the baby and the husband together and was no longer upset that Todd Stewart had refused to sign the “baby-nup.” She still wasn’t sure if (unemployed) Todd was the “the one” for her, but she was willing to give him a chance.

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The Party Begins

The night of Sheree’s housewarming finally arrived. Porsha and Todd; Cynthia Bailey and her ex-husband, Peter Thomas; Kandi and her husband, Todd; Kenya Moore and Phaedra all arrived to celebrate. Naturally, Kenya immediately began picking apart the house and made her way into the basement where she was delighted to see piles of construction materials, which she took as proof that Sheree’s house wasn’t really done after all.

Cynthia told Porsha about Apollo Nida‘s new girlfriend showing up at the Old Lady Gang’s opening event — and Porsha then told Phaedra. Of course, Phaedra assumed that Kandi had invited Apollo’s new lady intentionally. “They’re just being messy like they have been the whole time,” Phaedra said to the camera. “I’m to the point now where I’m about to rip that bitch’s head off.” That’s when Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann showed up.

Kim and Kenya Get Into a Catfight

Kim was chatting with Sheree when Kenya returned from her basement excursion. Sheree was upset because guests weren’t supposed to be down there, and Kim immediately took her side. “You don’t come in somebody’s house and go in the basement!” she yelled at Kenya. Kenya said she didn’t even recognize Kim. One thing led to another and Sheree and Kenya started yelling at each other about whose house was more done (insert eye roll here).

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“At least I don’t look like I’ve had five kids!” Kenya shouted at Kim when Kim inserted herself to the fight again. “At least I have six kids!” Kim shouted back. Sheree defended Kim, saying she looked “phenomenal.” Kenya then turned to Kim and said, “Your husband doesn’t have a job right now.” Everyone agreed that was pretty below the belt.

“Bitch, you want to be me. You want to have a baby — you can’t! You want to have a man — you don’t!” Kim screamed. “Bye!” Kenya blasted back, “I know I’m not a duck, like your lips.” Kim replied, “Your tits are so nasty and huge!” Sheree was thrilled that Kim “checked” Kenya for her.

Phaedra and Kandi Make Up, Kinda

As the night drew to a close, Kandi came clean to Phaedra, telling her that Apollo’s girlfriend had shown up at the restaurant (which Phaedra already knew). Kandi told Phaedra that she hadn’t known and that if she had, she never would have let that happen. Kandi said she did speak to Todd about it and let him know that she didn’t think it was “a cool situation.” Phaedra appreciated Kandi’s words and said that it had felt like “sabotage.” Though they made nice at the moment, Phaedra told the camera, “She and I will never be right.”

Kandi then asked Phaedra if she was the one who gave Johnny the advice about suing her. Phaedra argued that ethically, she couldn’t answer the question, which was answer enough for Kandi. “It is what it is,” Kandi sighed. “You hate while I’ll be great,” Kandi said to the camera.

Tell Us: Do you think it was right for Kim to get in the middle of Kenya and Sheree’s fight?

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