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‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: Gizelle Bryant and Charrisse Jordan Start a War

The Real Housewives of Potomac returned with a wild season 2 premiere on Sunday, April 2, as if there hasn’t been enough drama for Washington, D.C., and its surrounding areas lately.

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Move Aside, Becky: Gizelle Is in the Building

The episode kicked off with Gizelle Bryant referencing Beyonce’s Lemonade while trying on her newest wig, saying, “Becky and all of her good hair don’t have nothin’ on me.” She then spilled the beans on her current mystery beau, saying to hairdresser Kal, “Can we talk about my man? … Kevin. … I dunno if we’re gonna mingle, but we’re at least gonna give it a shot.” Gizelle then brought up the unseen Kevin’s short stature, saying, “If he comes in a short package, that’s fine. As long as not everything is short.”

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Goodbye, Charrisse — Hello, “Cha Cha”

We then checked in with Charrisse Jackson Jordan, whose estranged-husband bombshell shocked viewers during last season’s reunion special. Of her newly empowered self, Charrisse gushed in third-person, “Charrisse last year was a very unhappy person and holding onto damaged goods. … Charrisse don’t live here anymore.” She then continued to refer to herself as “Cha Cha,” saying it’s her “fun alter ego.”

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Charrisse Issued a Cease-and-Desist to Gizelle Post-WWHL Controversy

An all-too-telling flashback showed Gizelle’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live, where she revealed to Andy Cohen about Charrisse, “[Her husband Eddie is] gonna go be with his girlfriends, and she’s gonna go be with her fireman. … He has muscles and everything, he’s cute.” Wow. We then learned that Charrisse, in spite of admitting on camera that her “marriage is f–ked up,” actually hit Gizelle with a cease-and-desist letter. The drama was flying by so fast, we could barely keep up!

Of the cease-and-desist, Gizelle fumed to a friend, “So I’m the punching bag because your husband doesn’t wanna be with you?” She continued to defend her WWHL actions by stating it was in retaliation for Charrisse calling her a “whore” at the reunion. (Charrisse’s actual statement was, “I don’t say, ‘Oh, Gizelle’s a whore.'”) There are so many confusing scores to settle in this feud, we might need a graph to keep track of it all.

Ashley’s Restaurant and Marital Struggles Reach an All-Time High

Meanwhile, in Ashley Darby‘s world, we witnessed some serious tension between her and her Aussie husband, Michael Darby, as her restaurant Oz struggled to gain popularity. Ashley admitted to the camera, “We’re eight months in, and it’s been a very difficult time. … People weren’t really digging our food.” She then divulged the financial situation, saying, “Michael has invested over 1.5 million dollars, and he’s taking care of it until we make ends meet. It’s putting a strain on my relationship.” Yikes.

Robyn’s Home Went Into Foreclosure

Robyn Dixon was at her humble Maryland home, where she admitted, “As a result of all of our financial challenges, our house ended up going into foreclosure.” Then, regarding her on-again, off-again husband, Juan Dixon, she stated, “Juan wants us to be a couple again, but there’s a block up that’s preventing me from looking at our situation as a relationship.” They are, however, still sharing a bed and living together with their children. When it came to her close friend Gizelle’s actions on Watch What Happens Live, Robyn called the comments “low and dirty. Not a good look.”

Karen’s House Hunt

We then got what felt like a mini episode of House Hunters, as the self-proclaimed Grande Dame of Potomac, Karen Huger, went house shopping with her husband, Ray. She revealed about her search for a smaller home, “Dr. ‘Black Bill Gates’ is ready to downsize. I call it resizing.” Needless to say, she hated everything she saw because it wasn’t “grande” enough.

Charrisse’s Husband Wants a Divorce and a Job

Later, Charrisse admitted of her ongoing struggles with husband Eddie Jordan, “He’s wanting a divorce.” She continued, “I decided that, you know what? My children are what’s important. … We haven’t talked about it so much. … Hopefully he gets a job.” Vague, much?

Ashley’s Sex Life and Future Children Are at Risk

We then saw a dark moment between Ashley and her husband, Michael, as he teased her about not moving forward with having a family until the restaurant broke even. If at first it felt like a joke, things got very serious very quickly when Michael insisted, “Our agreement was break even.” A stressed-out Ashley revealed to the camera that she and Michael “used to have sex four times a week. But now since the restaurant’s open, I’m lucky if I get two.” Uh-oh.

Gizelle Claims Charrisse Cheats on Eddie

While wearing a daring magenta spandex jumpsuit, Gizelle confessed to Robyn that she was still upset with Charrisse over the “whore” comment. Robyn defended Charrisse, saying, “I don’t feel like she was calling you a whore. … Didn’t she say something like, ‘I’m not going around calling you a whore?’” Yes, Robyn. You are correct. 

Robyn continued, “You were wrong for putting her business out there.” Gizelle then clapped back by providing even more personal information about Charrisse: “She has told me she cheats on Eddie.” Well, if you thought the drama was over, think again.

‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ season 2

Gizelle Has Questions About Ashley and Her Dance Partner

Later, at the Manifest Your Destiny dance competition to raise funds for inner-city children to attend summer camps, the group gathered to support Ashley as she competed. Gizelle, who was serving as a judge at the event, clocked a certain chemistry between Ashley and her dance partner.

Gizelle revealed to the camera, “Michael has one eye on Teon because Teon is grindin’ up on his wife too close. … Ashley asked Teon his sexual preference, and Teon said he likes women. Why’d she wanna know?” Gizelle finished her dramatic unveiling of information by crunching on a potato chip — as you do, of course. Is there any drama she can’t stir up?

It’s War Between Gizelle and Charrisse

The episode ended with Ashley taking first place in the competition, with the loving support of her husband, Michael. After the gang congratulated her, it was time for Charrisse and Gizelle’s showdown. When it came to the “whore” accusation, Charrisse defended herself, saying, “I did not call you a f–king whore.” She then threatened, “Don’t let the zip code fool you, baby.”

Gizelle said in a testimonial, “You heard a song that said, ‘Don’t let the zip code fool you,’ and you decided to say it.” Ouch. The confrontation ended with Charrisse saying, “That was f–ked up, and you cannot say that there was anything justifiable.”

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The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Bravo Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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