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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Another Mysterious Hottie From the Past Returns — and Flirts With Aria!

Guess who’s back? After Sara Harvey’s shocking death on last week’s Pretty Little Liars episode, the girls were on mission to figure out once and for all who supervillain A.D. was in the Freeform hit’s Tuesday, August 9, episode. As they searched to find their torturer, they were faced with one character’s big return, one character’s brutal attack and one character’s possible return from the dead.

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Same Old Love

In a shockingly normal start to the episode, Hanna (Ashley Benson), Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Ali (Sasha Pieterse) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) were having a boozy brunch at the hotel to celebrate Aria’s engagement to Ezra (Ian Harding).  Just when we thought they were finally getting to be normal twentysomethings wasting their weekends on gossip and mimosas, Ali got the check, which of course came with a complimentary death threat from A.D: “Roses are red, violets are blue, you killed Elliott, and I could have killed you.”

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Blast From the Past

Newly single Spencer and very engaged Toby (Keegan Allen) met for coffee because exes who still have feelings for each other should always (read: never) try to be friends who keep it casual with coffee dates. Toby told Spencer that Jenna (Tammin Sursok) came back to Rosewood “looking for forgiveness” after their last encounter, when she tried to kiss him and he pulled away. Oh, good. The stepsibling romantic story line from season 1 is back!

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They’ve Got a Secret

Meanwhile, in ghosts-of-seasons-past news: Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) is back! With a beard! After telling Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) to get the hell off of his property, Ali begged him to give her a chance.

Later, Aria and Jason met for coffee because Rosewood’s drama only goes down in one of three places: the brew, the bar or the woods. Aria shut down his apparent advance — a subtle but smooth “You look great” — by telling Jason that she is engaged. “To Liam?” he asked. Awkward. Which reminds Us: Whatever happened to book-editor-with-a-vengeance Liam? More on him later, we’re sure. Aria asked Jason, “You haven’t told anyone about us, have you?” and he said no, promising to keep it their little secret, because that usually goes according to plan, right?

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Later, Aria joined Mary, Ali and Jason for dinner. Mary served beef Wellington, which Jessica DiLaurentis used to make on Ali and Jason’s birthdays. Jason screamed that he thought Mary was trying to manipulate Ali into seeing her as a mother. Mary then attempted to explain herself by saying she left Charles in Jessica’s care, and when Jessica told her that Charles died, Jessica wouldn’t give her an explanation aside from, “You gave birth, but he was my son.”

See You Later, Spoby

After Toby’s fiancée, Yvonne, was attacked in their home, Toby discovered the only thing taken was the file he was working on to solve the A.D. mystery. Spencer then told Toby to get Yvonne as far away from Rosewood as possible. Later, in the Nicholas Sparks x Pretty Little Liars collaboration of our dreams, Toby went to Spencer’s house and admitted: “I didn’t start building the house for Yvonne — I was building it for you.” Despite this beautiful Noah Calhoun–esque moment, the member of Rosewood’s finest said the attack made him realize he couldn’t imagine his life without Yvonne, and that he’s going to move to Maine with her. He stopped for a dramatic pause by the door and simply said, “I’ll see ya.” Spencer leaned against the door crying, and whispered goodbye. End scene (for now).

Flight Risk

After a brief panic attack about wedding planning, Ezra suggested eloping. Aria agreed, but then talked to Emily and said she was having second thoughts about getting married without her best friends being there. Emily persuaded her to go, saying that the rest of the crew could hold down the fort, and by “the fort” we mean hiding a murder while simultaneously trying to figure out if the man you murdered is dead.

As they were packing to leave, the FBI showed up to say that Ezra’s ex Nicole, who he held a funeral for, may still be alive. Aria and Ezra appeared to be shocked, which seems strange since no one in Rosewood has stayed dead in the history of ever.

Pretty Little Liars
‘Pretty Little Liars’

Hellooo, Haleb

Hanna was snooping through Jenna’s room when Caleb walked in and asked for her help in figuring out what happened to Sara. They put their plan into action as Caleb gave a very naked Jenna a massage while pretending to be a hotel masseuse. He got the key to Jenna’s lockbox, and Hanna and Spencer took photos of the papers inside. As someone started to enter the room, Hanna and Spencer hid under the bed while Noel Kahn came in and went through the box.

Later, as Caleb was attempting to hack into a computer system, Hanna told him she and Jordan broke up. ”It’s just weird being so close to someone and then having to cut them out of your life completely,” she said. “It’s like losing a limb.” He told her that it will get better, to which she responded, “I’m not talking about him.” After a few-seconds-too-long moment of silence from Caleb (come on, you guys! Figure it out!), Hanna asked, “Are we still friends?” (uh, nope), and Caleb responded, “Always.” (Never.)

Big Threat

The Liars (sans Aria) went to Jessica’s old lair and found files that said Mary had a second child who would have been their age, meaning Charlotte had another biological brother or sister. As they were getting ready to leave, Spencer’s car alarm went off, so the girls jumped in to close the doors and silence it. The doors and windows locked, and a countdown from 20 appeared on the navigator screen. When the clock hit zero, the screen read, “If you find out who I am before I find out who you killed Charlotte, YOU DIE. – A.D.” as Jessica’s lair burst into flames. 

Tell Us: Do you trust Jason? And should Spencer and Toby get back together?

Pretty Little Liars airs on Freeform Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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