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North Star Boys Debut EP ‘PANIC’ Ahead of National U.S. Headline Tour: Details

North Star Boys Debut EP 'Panic' Ahead of National U.S. Tour
North Star Boys. North Star Boys

Get ready! Ahead of hitting the road on their U.S. headline tour, the North Star Boys recently released their new EP PANIC accompanied by a music video.

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The North Star Boys –– a leading Asian-American creator group and pop band was founded in August 2021 by brothers Oliver Moy and Sebastian Moy. Regie Macalino, Ryan Nguyen, Justin Phan, Darren Liang and Kane Ratan are also members. The band has cultivated a large following on social media with over 55 million followers combined on social media platforms and 20 million monthly views on their syndicated Snapchat shows.

The pop group aims to inspire the younger generation of minorities and dreamers through their music and strong ties with the community. In the upcoming months – apart from touring the U.S. – the North Star Boys plan to continue to expand their reach across various verticals by advancing their relationships with major fashion and lifestyle brands such as Calvin Klein, American Eagle and BoohooMAN.

Keep scrolling to find out more about North Star Boys – more on the details of their tour, their new EP and what they’re most excited for in the future.

Us: What are you most excited about for your first national headline tour?

Sebastian Moy: I’m most excited to finally meet our fans face to face across the U.S. It’s been a dream since the start, and it feels surreal that it’s coming to life! I think it’s the perfect time since we have new music out that fans have been dying to hear live.

Us: What can fans expect from your new EP PANIC and the unreleased songs you’ll be debuting on the tour?

Oliver Moy: The songs “MISERY” and “MIRACLE” from our first EP PANIC were created the night before our concert at the Winston House (Los Angeles). Right outside my window in my room I could see the Hollywood sign in the distance, that’s where the lyrics “grew up in a trailer in the poor man side, now we see the Hollywood sign and every day I’m praying everybody stays fine” from “MIRACLE” came from. The songs we are performing on tour started by the members simply walking into my room when I’m producing to hop on a track, not knowing if we are even going to release the songs, we just ended up recording over 200 songs and performed a few for our fans which they love whole-heartedly.

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Us: Are there any stereotypes of tour bussing across the USA you are excited to discover?

SM: I love my sleep more than anyone, but definitely won’t be getting much on tour. From home-cooked meals to missing gym days, it’s always a gamble to know what to expect the next day on tour! Yet, there is definitely something to be said about the excitement that comes with not knowing what the next day is going to bring.

Us: From forming North Star Boys in August 2021 to now about to head on a 25-city tour, what do you attribute some of this success to?

OM: Structure, organization, passion and belief are what brought NSB this far. And by the looks of it, we are not stopping anytime soon … I’m forever thankful for the members, the media team and the management we have here at NSB that are the legs and arms of the company. This project and dream would be a lot harder to achieve without them.

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Check out North Star Boys debut EP PANIC and stream their latest music video.

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