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‘Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party’ Premiere Recap: Five Biggest WTF Moments (Seth Rogen’s NuvaRing?)

Things got particularly weird on VH1’s Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party premiere on Monday, November 7. As awkward as the broadcasted and very baked get-together was at certain points, it didn’t go without its moments. We had grade-A boss Martha Stewart to serve some real talk (“I can’t lose to the hood”) as a side dish to her fried chicken. Seth Rogen was along for the ride to crack jokes without caring, like, “If one person knows how to make s–t whiter, it’s Martha Stewart.” Snoop Dogg and guest star Ice Cube were insanely funny. And Wiz Khalifa, with a top-notch stoner laugh, thought so, too.

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But what happens when you mix Martha’s buttermilk batch with these grown men, and lots and lots of weed? Some very weird stuff. Here are the five most WTF moments from the show:

Seth Rogen’s NuvaRing Necklace

Wiz was gracious enough to let Seth sport some of his bling, so the comedy star chose a chain with an Egyptian symbol hanging from it. Martha, who we’ve established is a boss, came out swinging. “It looks sort of like a contraception thing,” she said. Then Seth chimed in while the chain was around his neck, quipping, “It looks like a NuvaRing.” Meanwhile, we sat there like, “What? …” Leave it to pineapple cocktails to discuss vaginal contraceptives over dinner.

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The Fried-Chicken-Turned-Sausage Party

Once NuvaRings were brought up during dinner small talk, it was probably past the point of no return. “So, Seth,” said Martha, “If I wasn’t here, would this be considered a sausage party?” And yes, she used air quotes when saying “sausage party.” And Seth, being Seth, took it to the next level. “Because you’re here, it makes it a sausage party/taco fiesta,” the Sausage Party codirector said. They went there so quickly.

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

Martha’s Little Secret

We thought Martha, who’s served time, was a stone-cold boss. But we were wrong, she’s the stone-cold boss. She admitted to straight-up killing a live chicken before, and even revealed her method. “I fed it some vodka, and then I cut off its head,” she bluntly said. We were definitely scared. But in the best way.

Snoop’s Version of Grace

As if watching these four around the dinner table wasn’t amazing/weird enough, Snoop was the one to offer his best rendition of grace before the meal. It included lines like, “We’re about to eat fried chicken that’ll make your fingers glisten.” It was a WTF-yet-religious experience for the books.

Prison Didn’t Make Martha Strong, But This Did …

“Going to jail doesn’t make you stronger,” Martha said. But what does? Lightning, apparently. 

She revealed that she has been struck by lightning three times, and some of the bolts were so strong as to throw her to the ground. Seth offered a very valid explanation: “Do you fly kites in rainstorms or something?” She said once it happened through the phone, and another through sink water while she was in prison. If she bounced back from prison and multiple lightning strikes and can still whip up some mean fried chicken, we’ve got ourselves a modern-day legend right here.

As crazy as things got, no marijuana farms were harmed in the making of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. We don’t think.

Tell Us: What did you think of the premiere episode?

Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party airs on VH1 Mondays at 10 p.m. ET. 

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