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‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: Find Out If Any Couples Had Sex on Their Wedding Night!

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single wedding night — at least, that’s the case for the couples on Married at First Sight. On the Tuesday, August 9, episode of the matchmaking reality show, the three couples had just tied the knot and were off to spend their first evening together as husband and wife. As is to be expected, some were more comfortable with the idea than others.

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Wedding Night or Bust

“It scares me how much we have in common,” Lillian Vilchez gushed of her husband, Tom Wilson. “It’s crazy!” Meanwhile, Tom declared that their chemistry was “strong,” and there was already “a lot of sexual tension” between them. As he carried her over the threshold (of their hotel room, that is) and tossed her on the bed, it was clear that these two liked each other … a lot. (They didn’t have sex, however.)

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Unfortunately, Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel looked more like friends than (potential) lovers. Though Derek told the cameras that there was definitely chemistry on his side, Heather quipped she didn’t feel that way yet. “I have no intentions of having sex on my wedding night,” she explained, noting she was missing that “I can’t wait to jump your bones” feeling for her new spouse. They snuggled, but it seemed like more of a duty than a choice.

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They were still faring far better than Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados. Sonia refused to let Nick carry her over the threshold because she wasn’t sure he was strong enough to actually hold her up (though she made that comment to the cameras and not to her husband, which was probably best). Perched on opposite sides of the sofa, they downed the whiskey she had given Nick as a prewedding gift like it was water. Not even liquor could grease these wheels, however, and Sonia admitted the night was “awkward,” and she thought Nick was “a little weird.” Yikes.

The Morning After

The next day, the three couples got to know each other better as they freshened up and headed to brunch with their families. Key takeaways people learned about their spouses included Lillian’s need for toothpaste to be squeezed only from the end of the tube, Derek’s love of corn and Nick’s hidden talent as an expert ironer (which Sonia told the cameras that she thought was “a little metro” and “girlie”). Though none of the pairs had consummated their marriage, Tom reiterated that he and Lillian had sexual tension that was so strong, eventually it was “going to be like a champagne bottle and explode.” Noted.

The brunches went off without a hitch, and the couples headed to their honeymoons: Lillian and Tom were off to Jamaica, Heather and Derek to Puerto Rico and Nick and Sonia to the Dominican Republic. Everyone seemed nervous, but also excited and still relatively optimistic … at least for now.

Tom Needs to Throw Himself Under the Bus

Well, sort of. It turned out that Tom lives on a bus, not an RV — an actual bus that he converted into some type of livable space. Apparently, when he and Lillian return from their honeymoon, she will be moving into that bus too, but she didn’t know that just yet. (As it turned out, Tom admitted that the bus had caused issues with women he’d dated in the past because women, in general, don’t seem to be that into living on a bus. Go figure.)

As they settled into their honeymoon, Tom knew he would have to tell Lillian about his living situation (which he emphasized was a lifestyle choice), but he wanted to wait for the right moment. Not surprisingly, that moment didn’t present itself on the first day.

Nick Hopes Sonia Laughs More Than She Cries on Their Honeymoon

By the time they landed in the Dominican Republic, Nick had figured out that his wife was quite an emotional roller coaster (especially compared to him). Sonia even joked that she had two modes: laughing and crying, prompting Nick to say that he was just hoping she would “laugh more than cry” on their honeymoon.

To the cameras, Sonia admitted that she was terrified of being hurt because the last man she seriously dated had cheated on her. “I don’t know that I trust Nick with my heart — not yet,” she sighed to the camera. For his part, Nick seemed to not know what to do with his emotional new wife, and his strategy was simply to tread lightly.

Lillian Vilchez Tom Wilson Married at First Sight
Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson from FYI’s ‘Married at First Sight.’

Heather Smokes Derek Out

Things weren’t going much better for Heather and Derek, however. Though Derek was delighted when they were addressed as “Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz” by the hotel staff, Heather was seriously put off by her groom when he lit up a cigarette right before dinner. She had said on her application for the show that she was OK with an “occasional” smoker, but now she realized that “occasional” is a somewhat subjective word, and seemed to be regretting checking that box.

She sighed as she admitted that normally a guy smoking before a meal would be a “total deal-breaker,” but also noted that she was going to “try to file it in the ‘just wait and see’ category” (rather than freak out on their first night away). Still, she was put off enough that as soon as they finished eating, she announced she was ready for bed in a tone that meant not with him. It was unclear if Derek had any idea what he’d done wrong … and so marriage begins.

Tell Us: Do you think Heather is overreacting to Derek smoking?

Married at First Sight airs on FYI Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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