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Married at First Sight Recap: Three Brides Tie the Knot, But One (Already) Dislikes Her Groom

You’re marrying a stranger: What could go wrong? On the Tuesday, Dec. 8, episode of Married at First Sight, the three couples each tied the knot, attended their wedding reception, and set out for their first night as husband and wife. Spoiler alert: Not every couple sailed through smoothly. In fact, one couple hit waters so choppy that the duo seemed in danger of drowning completely — and they’d only known each other for about 30 minutes at that point.

Full Speed Ahead for Tres and Vanessa

Midway through exchanging vows with Vanessa, it appeared that Tres was having a crisis of confidence. “I’m so nervous I can barely even think. I’m not sure I can go through with this,” the 27-year-old confessed in a voiceover as he walked away from the altar. (Dun, dun, dun!)

It turned out the groom was just going to get something for his bride — and returned to her on bended knee. “I don’t necessarily have the ring right now. I’ll give that to you in a bit,” he explained as he slid a corsage onto her wrist. “But will you marry me?” A delighted Vanessa rewarded him with a sweet kiss, and they made their marriage official.

“My husband is more than cute. He’s handsome. He’s fine!” Vanessa declared to the camera after the deed was done. It’s safe to say the feeling was mutual. The sparks were practically flying through the screen as the two chatted over champagne and kissed repeatedly for their wedding photos.

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Ashley’s Cold as Ice

David and Ashley are a good match, not just because of their similarities, but because of their differences,” sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz reminded viewers, and for good reason. From the moment they laid eyes on each other, these two blended like oil and water.

Ashley Doherty
Ashley Doherty

In voiceovers, David and Ashley recalled their first impressions. David thought Ashley was “beautiful,” but she lamented, “Unfortunately, he’s not the typical look that I date.” (It might be worth pointing out to Ashley that the men she has been dating up to this point hadn’t worked out so well, which is why she was here in the first place.) David and Ashley looked so uncomfortable, in fact, that the pastor marrying them urged the pair to “stand a little bit closer.” After a few awkward pauses, the couple made it through their vows, which David sealed with a peck on Ashley’s cheek.

In contrast to Tres and Vanessa’s electrified champagne toast, David and Ashley’s first few moments together as husband and wife were straight-up painful to witness. Outgoing David did his best to loosen up his bride but failed miserably. When he told her he was “all in” for this marriage, she replied, “Right.” Dang, girl! Give the guy a break.

As they took their wedding photos, Ashley looked like she was in downright agony. When the photographer asked her to give David “a little kiss on the cheek,” Ashley refused. “It was a little disappointing,” David admitted. Things went from bad to worse when, in the middle of their reception, Ashley retired to the ladies’ room to debrief her friends. “I don’t like David,” she whispered behind the closed door.

“David moves very quickly, and Ashley moves very slowly,” psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona chimed in. “It’s important that Ashley be mindful of her own reactions, particularly her guardedness, and to push herself to be more open for this to work.” So far, Ashley was doing no such thing.

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Maybe Don’t Invite Your Ex to Your Wedding

On the spectrum of coupledom, Samantha and Neil fell somewhere in between the instant connection of Vanessa and Tres and the instant repulsion of Ashley and David (on Ashley’s side, at least). While Neil introduced himself to Samantha’s family, the bride-to-be became increasingly nervous — pacing the room, smacking herself in her head with her bouquet, and finally lying down flat on the floor in her full wedding regalia.

She eventually got it together, pulled herself off the floor, and danced her way down the aisle. “Let’s do this thing!” she said to her husband-to-be, offering him a high-five. Once they got rolling, the comedy-loving couple joked their way through their vows and sealed their union with a kiss on Samantha’s cheek.

While Neil appreciated Samantha’s sense of humor, he soon found himself yearning for something more romantic. But he was on his own there. “I’m not immediately going to jump into being all lovey-dovey,” Samantha quipped to the camera.

It was no laughing matter, however, when Neil introduced Samantha to his ex-girlfriend, who he had invited. ICYMI, Dr. Schwartz had thought that Neil’s friendship with his ex was a mark of his maturity and character, but Samantha did not share this opinion. “I wonder if this is why you’re not married,” Samantha speculated to the camera. “Because you do awkward things like this.”

Ashley’s Icy Front Melts . . . a Little

When the guests began clinking their glasses to inspire David and Ashley to kiss, Ashley looked like she wanted to crawl under their two-top table and die — and in this moment, David turned the day around. Seeing how uncomfortable his bride was at the thought of kissing him, David stood and kissed her hand instead. This small, chivalrous gesture warmed Ashley’s heart.

“Maybe I was wrong about David,” she conceded. “He kissed my hand, and that just blew me away. I didn’t expect that, and I was pleasantly surprised. He’s just been super considerate and such a gentleman.” Feeling more open, Ashley asked David why his dad wasn’t there. When he revealed his father died when he was 7, she seized the opportunity to show him the compassion he had shown her, reassuring him that his father was there in spirit.

“I think love definitely has a possibility of growing in my marriage because there are a lot of ways that you can be attractive,” Ashley opined to the camera. Amen, sister!

The Wedding Night Arrives

Once the receptions ended, the couples headed off for their first night together as a married couple. “No one believes me that I don’t want to consummate the marriage tonight,” David laughed, while Ashley told her girlfriends that the evening’s activity would consist of “talking.”

Samantha told Neil that her plan was to “sleep all night” in shorts and a T-shirt (i.e., the universal “I’m not interested in sex” attire for women). He didn’t have much to say in response to that, but he seemed a little bummed that she was so closed-off — not necessarily to sex, but to romance in general.

Meanwhile, Tres admitted, “I would be 100% down for consummating the marriage tonight,” and while Vanessa didn’t confirm he would get his wish, she didn’t deny it either.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on FYI.

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