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‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: One Wife Thinks Her Husband Might Not Be the One for Her

You go on TV. You marry a stranger. What could go wrong? Well… on the Thursday, May 25, episode of Married at First Sight, the three couples struggled to set into their new lives as part of a pair. Back from their honeymoons, life became about work, family, and extended family – and some of the newlyweds needed a break almost before it began.

Ashley and Anthony
Ashley and Anthony on ‘Married at First Sight’

Danielle and Cody still hadn’t had sex and she was still pretty hung up on the fact that he wasn’t more assertive. Cody has his own concerns however: Danielle’s dogs. She had two rather large four-footed friends who were not the best behaved, and Cody was living with them. Though he claimed there was nothing to worry about because he was “the dog whisperer,” their incessant barking seemed to suggest otherwise.

Danielle and Cody
Danielle and Cody on ‘Married at First Sight’

A Rose By Any Other Name

Meanwhile, Ashley and Anthony were having their own drama because Ashley wasn’t sure she wanted to take Anthony’s last name. She said she felt like her name was her identity and that more people actually called her by her last name than her first. “Just because I get married, I lose my identity?” she asked.

When that didn’t convince her husband, she argued it was a “feminist issue” and suggested he consider taking her last name. (Spoiler alert: That clearly was not happening.) “I don’t know how to answer that,” Anthony shrugged to the camera.

Also lurking on their radar was Ashley’s desire to have kids yesterday. Anthony said he wasn’t exactly sure when he wanted to start a family. Dr. Pepper Schwartz visited them to talk it out and Anthony argued that they shouldn’t have kids until they were ready and had their finances figured out. “No one is ever like, ‘Oh my God, I’m 100% ready to do this,'” Ashley argued. She added that she wasn’t trying to say they should have kids immediately… but she kind of was.

Anthony was also concerned about Lauren’s sister, who seemed to meddle in their marriage at every turn. Her most recent mission seemed to be to get Anthony and Ashley to move into the building where she lived so they could spend more time together. Anthony didn’t seem too enthused about that idea.

Nate and Sheila
Nate and Sheila on ‘Married at First Sight’

Sheila Is In Hot Water With Her Family

Things between Nate and Sheila directly were fine, but Sheila was in the doghouse with some members of her family because she did not invite her sister’s boyfriend to her wedding. Sheila argued that she was only allowed to invite 25 people and her sister’s boyfriend didn’t make the cut. Sheila’s sister thought it was a big enough slight that she didn’t even come to the wedding at all.

When Sheila’s father started laying into her about the lack of invitation, Nate was torn between wanting to be respectful of his in-laws and wanting to protect his wife. Sheila argued that her sister had said “the ugliest things imaginable” to her when she found out her boyfriend wasn’t invited and Nate worried that a fight like this could lead to his entire marriage falling apart.

Danielle Thinks She Married the Wrong Guy

Danielle and Cody hosted Cody’s parents for dinner and Cody’s mom seemed to go out of her way to let Danielle know how proud she was of both of them for giving this a shot. Danielle wasn’t sure it was the right move, though. “We had a strong connection in the beginning but then he said he just wanted to be friends,” she noted.

Adding salt to the wound, it turned out that one of Danielle’s friends had started hooking up with Cody’s brother after meeting at their wedding, which meant that her friend was getting more action than she was. “Maybe he’s just not the guy for me,” Danielle lamented.

Tell Us: Do you think Danielle and Cody stand a chance?

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