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‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: One Couple Have ‘Magic’ Sex, Another Husband Calls His Wife an ‘Alcoholic’

There’s a fine line between love and hate, as the couples on Married at First Sight are finding out. On the Tuesday, August 16, episode of the reality show, the six newlyweds started to get to know their spouses as they enjoyed their honeymoons (though “enjoyed” might not be the right word in all cases). While some couples were going hot and heavy, others were falling apart at the seams, which was especially concerning since they’d been together only for a few days.

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Lillian and Tom Consummate Their Marriage

To say things were going well between Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson would have been the understatement of the season. “Tom and I consummated our marriage last night. We are husband and wife. It was something that was going to happen, and it was beautiful. I am very happy with how things went last night — very, very happy,” Lillian reported with a dreamy smile. Tom added that they were both “nervous” but that their night together had been “perfect.”

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The next day, they hit the beach, where Tom took advantage of every opportunity to touch his new bride. “I enjoy every inch, every little morsel of her back,” he said as he slathered her butt with sunscreen. Lillian reiterated that she couldn’t be happier with her match, that he made her feel safe, and that their first time between the sheets had been “magic.” She described their last few days together as a “fairy tale.” As they stared into each other’s eyes across a romantic dinner, it was hard to imagine these two had ever not been together — but can it really stay this good forever?

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Nick and Sonia Get Stuck in the Friend Zone

If things were sizzling between Lillian and Tom, things were lukewarm between Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados. The two were clearly uncomfortable with the idea of being romantic together, so they were keeping their interactions “funny and silly” (according to Sonia) for now. “We have not consummated our marriage yet,” Sonia reported to the camera, adding that she wasn’t sure when that would actually happen (i.e., no time soon).

Instead of lazing around in bed or rubbing sunscreen on each other, they opted for more athletic, outdoorsy activities (that did not involve touching each other at all). They went paddleboarding — which is when Sonia confessed to the camera that, in addition to dogs, she had a fear of water. Instead of telling her husband about her dislike of aquatic activities, however, she pushed out of her comfort zone and ended up being better at it than he was. Despite Nick’s poor showing on the board, however, Sonia was impressed … with his buff chest and back (which she hadn’t been expecting). They also went horseback riding and enjoyed a quiet dinner together. “All I feel is joy when I’m around him,” she said, which seemed like a good start.

But when they crawled into bed, the energy between them took an abrupt turn when Nick commented that he didn’t want to rush their relationship. Sonia got defensive, asking if he felt like she was trying to push him into anything. He said he didn’t, but the damage was done, and Sonia was very upset. When she started crying, Nick obviously had no idea what to do, so he got up and left — but he had the sense to come back, and the two quickly made up. Crisis averted … for now.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

If things were lukewarm between Nick and Sonia, sentiments were downright icy between Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel. The flight attendant was on edge as she declared that she had “concerns” about Derek. After a long explanation, her complaints boiled down to three: Derek smoked, liked to gamble and was messier than she was. It went without saying that they had not consummated their marriage, but she announced it to the camera just in case.

When they headed out for a bike ride, Derek was optimistic it would bring them closer together, but it had the opposite effect because Heather looked like she was trying to ride far, far away, repeatedly ignoring her husband’s requests to slow down. “This was our first main activity, and we couldn’t have been more distant,” Derek said with a sigh. After suffering an entire day with Heather snipping at him, Derek finally asked if something was wrong, and Heather told him he was smoking too much.

Derek argued that he was in vacation mode, and this wasn’t his typical routine, but she repeated that she was uncomfortable with it. When she told him it turned her off, he blasted back, “I could just as easily say that you have an alcohol issue, but I think that’s jumping the gun.” Then he stormed off.

Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel
Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel

Derek Calls Heather an Alcoholic

The pair took a few hours apart to decompress, after which Derek returned to try to hash it out. He put the most positive spin on their argument he could, saying it wasn’t important that they had issues, but rather how they dealt with them. Heather responded by telling him (again) what a huge problem his smoking every single day was for her.

“That’s not really giving us a chance to start on the right foot because you’re putting yourself in an altered state of mind,” she offered, prompting a visibly frustrated Derek to tell her she was “very judgmental.” Heather said this situation was her biggest nightmare, and Derek shouted, “I didn’t think I was going to get matched with an alcoholic!”

Heather did not like that so much and told the camera she felt like she was “fighting with a 5-year-old.” Derek told the camera he was disheartened that they weren’t making any progress. He didn’t comment on whether he planned to continue smoking or not.

Tell Us: Do you think Heather overreacted to Derek’s smoking habit?

Married at First Sight airs on FYI Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET. 

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