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‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: One Husband Tells His Wife He Just Wants to Be Friends

In like a lion and out like a lamb – that was the best way to summarize the fight between Nate and Sheila on Married at First Sight. The May 18 episode of the relationship reality show opened with the pair still in the midst of their blowout argument on their honeymoon. Sheila argued that she was the only one fighting for their union. “One person cannot sustain an entire relationship. If so, I would have been married a long time ago,” she cried to the camera.

To her husband, she confessed, “I didn’t anticipate you saying you didn’t want me.” Nate realized he had messed up and suggested they pray together. It turned out those words were the key to calming Sheila’s nerves, and they prayed together right on the spot. “For me, this is definitely a testament to faith,” she said. “I did this experiment because I wanted to be a wife today and I want to be your wife.” They then kissed and made up, seemingly happier than they’d ever been before.

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Nate and Sheila Married at First Sight
Nate and Sheila on ‘Married at First Sight’

Danielle and Cody Enter the Friend Zone

Things weren’t going as well for Danielle and Cody, however. As their honeymoon came to a close, not only had they not consummated their marriage, but also Cody had told Danielle he wanted to take a step back. “I guess my wish was to pull back a bit but I don’t want to be distant, distant,” Cody said, sensing Danielle’s icy tone as they packed. Danielle said they had just talked everything in circles. (Subtext: She was sick of talking.)

As they left paradise, Danielle wasn’t sure where she and her husband stood, or if he even liked her much at all.

Ashley and Anthony
Ashley and Anthony on ‘Married at First Sight’

Ashley Is Obsessed With Kids, Keeps Her Shoes in Cabinets

Though Ashley and Anthony were getting along better than the other pairs, Anthony was clearly a bit uncomfortable with Ashley’s desire to have kids, like, yesterday. As prepared to head home, they were both feeling pretty optimistic, however.

Back in Chicago, Anthony headed over to check out Ashley’s apartment – and was mildly alarmed to discover that her kitchen cabinets were full of shoes. “I definitely was not prepared for that,” he laughed to the camera before noting that her place obviously wasn’t big enough for the both of them (and her shoes, that is).

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Ashley liked Anthony’s apartment, except for his less-than-impressive bed with its drab brown bedding. “He needs a little Ashley in his life,” she smiled at the camera as visions of interior decorating danced in her head. After a few near-misses, and one disagreement about the importance of designated parking, they found a high-rise apartment that they both loved.

Sheila and Nate Butt Heads Over Finances

Back to their real lives, Sheila and Nate checked out each other’s homes. They both seemed impressed, but agreed that they needed to get a place that was big enough for the three of them. (ICYMI, Nate’s younger brother Tyrique would be living with them as well.) As they discussed the budget, it became clear that Nate was more of a spender, while Sheila was more of a saver. “I don’t want to be house poor,” she said, noting to the camera that Nate’s laissez-faire attitude toward money concerned her.

They saw a house that was way above their budget (for no apparent reason), which Nate promptly fell in love with and Sheila promptly axed from the running. Ultimately, they agreed on a more modest abode that would still give them some privacy from Tyrique – which no one appreciated more than Tyrique. Nate confessed to the camera that he was fairly confident that he and Tyrique would get on Sheila’s nerves, but that it would be OK because they could “still have fun with each other.” No word on how Sheila felt about that.

Danielle and Cody Married at First Sight
Danielle and Cody on ‘Married at First Sight’

Cody Changes His Tune

Danielle was clearly freaked out by Cody’s comment that he just wanted to be friends and approached his parents’ house (where he lived) with trepidation. Cody, however, had completely changed his tune. After showing his wife around the farm, Cody admitted that he was “new” to marriage and that what he had said had just come out wrong.

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He said he knew he had asked for space, but that he’d had “too much space” since they’d been back. Danielle was very relieved to hear that and they completed their hunt of a place to live together (without Cody’s parents) pretty swiftly. As Cody packed his things, he asked his mom whether she thought Danielle would let him wear his beloved t-shirt with a bear on it out in public. Hmm.

Tell Us: Do you think Cody and Danielle can make a romantic connection after all?

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