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‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: One Wife Only Got Married to Have Kids

Everyone brings emotional baggage to a marriage, but some people have carry-ons while others have steamer trunks. Roughly one month into their marriage, the newlyweds on Married at First Sight were learning just how many bags their spouses had. For the most part,  the relationships were progressing, but some were hitting more bumps along the way than others.

Married at First Sight
Nate and Sheila on ‘Married at First Sight’

The Thursday, June 22, episode began with Anthony running around a grocery store trying to track down Ashley, who had pretty much ditched him at what was supposed to be their first holiday party together. Ashley’s sister was having trouble at the family bar and had called Ashley for help. Anthony grumbled that Ashley wasn’t good at handling stress, but when Ashley surprised him by telling her sister she had to deal with this herself and returning to the party, he was thrilled. Anthony said it made him feel like Ashley put their marriage first and he appreciated that. Crisis averted … until the next crisis.

Ashley Continues to Be Obsessed With Having Kids

Ashley and Anthony then went to visit Anthony’s family. All was going well until Ashley mentioned kids again. “What do you think, ‘This is Married at First Sight Kid the Next Year?'” Anthony joked. When Ashley replied that she did think that because having kids was the reason she got married, Anthony bristled.

That’s when Ashley revealed her plan to have a child on her own at 30 if she hadn’t found a husband yet (which is why she applied for the show when she did). Anthony was visibly alarmed at the idea that Ashley would take on that responsibility as a single woman, but she held her ground.

When they finally arrived at Anthony’s parents’ place, Anthony’s sister took over grilling Ashley about her intentions for Anthony. (It also came out that Anthony’s perfect teeth, which Ashley frequently complimented, were actually fake.) Anthony’s sister pulled Ashley aside and told her that she didn’t want her brother to be hurt. She then added that Anthony hardly ever brought girlfriends around before because she had always scared them off. Yikes.

Married at First Sight
Danielle and Cody on ‘Married at First Sight’

Nate Grills Sheila’s Bestie

In Nate and Sheila‘s world, Nate was the one doing the grilling. During their Labor Day celebration, Nate cornered Sheila’s best friend, who happened to be male. “I don’t believe in no guy best friends,” Nate quipped. Sheila dragged Nate away from the party and told him she had a headache and wanted to leave. Nate reasoned that he was being “very mature” about the situation.

Later, they went to visit Nate’s mom, who was as hard on Sheila as Nate had been on Sheila’s BFF. Sheila struggled to make small talk with Nate’s mom, who just wouldn’t give her even an ounce of approval. First, Nate’s mom was mad that Nate and Sheila weren’t staying with her and had opted for a hotel instead. Then she refused to tell Sheila how the family celebrated special occasions. When Sheila said she’d had a few nice chats with Nate’s father, his mother complained that no one had bothered to call her.

Married at First Sight
Ashley and Anthony on ‘Married at First Sight’

Danielle Finally Warms Up to Cody … Maybe

Things were still awkward and lukewarm between Cody and Danielle as they celebrated Labor Day with Cody’s brother and his new girlfriend, who happened to be Danielle’s best friend. Cody and Danielle tried to ignore the obvious spark between the other pair, but it was obvious that they were bothered by their own lack of chemistry.

Then something changed. Danielle wrote a letter to her past and lit it on fire, symbolizing a new beginning. When Cody got home, she greeted him with an old-fashioned drink, a kiss and blankets spread out in front of the fireplace. To say Cody was thrilled at the romantic turn would be the understatement of the century. As the episode ended, Danielle scurried off to get Cody “one final surprise,” which certainly seemed like it was going to be lingerie, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Tell Us: Do you think Cody and Danielle finally consummated their marriage?

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