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‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: One Husband Might Have to Choose Between His Wife and His Mom

Danielle and Cody Married at First Sight
Danielle and Cody on ‘Married at First Sight’ Karolina Wojtasik/FYI

Married at First Sight‘s June 8 episode began with Ashley and Anthony arguing about his comment that he felt pressured to always solve her problems. “I thought that was the benefit of being together,” Ashley said. “You don’t have to always help me.” Anthony noted hearing that made him feel better, because his inclination was to always want to help, but he felt weighed down by the responsibility from time to time. Ashley felt good about how their conversation went — as reflected by the fact that after they finished, they got down to business making out in bed.

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Nate and Sheila Discuss Their Trust Issues

Meanwhile, Nate and Sheila were having their own tense conversation about how much she trusted him around other women when she wasn’t there. He asked her, on a scale of one to 10, how much she trusted him and she said six. Nate didn’t like that very much. Apparently, they had gone out with some of his friends who were married, and Sheila thought they were acting like they weren’t married.

Nate said he’d actually had a fun night at the club and he was upset to hear that she hadn’t. He also said he had trust issues, too. “I would never break your heart,” Sheila promised. Nate seemed satisfied with that, at least for now.

Nate and Sheila Married at First Sight
Nate and Sheila on ‘Married at First Sight’ Karolina Wojtasik/FYI

Cody and Danielle Might (Finally) Have Sex

After their romantic dinner, Cody and Danielle went home – and discovered they had a ghost. They did not consummate the marriage. Danielle said she was “too tired,” though she admitted that the fact that she felt too tired to have sex was a concern in itself.

While they hadn’t had sex yet, they did start keeping track of their schedule on a white board. As they were planning out their week, however, Danielle learned that Cody still didn’t know the time of a wedding that coming weekend. She thought it was weird that he didn’t know the time for an event that had been planned for months (which, to be fair, it was) – but they seemed to be growing closer, one baby step at a time.

Later, they bathed Danielle’s dogs together and it was actually one of the few times they both seemed relaxed and happy. Strangely, this was followed by an art project that required Cody to use a power tool, which was less successful.

Nate and Sheila Download With Pastor Calvin Roberson

During a sit-down with Pastor Calvin Roberson, Nate explained that it was hard for him to trust because he’d been hurt in the past. Sheila said she felt like Nate didn’t want to stay home with her and he would rather be out at the club with his friends. Roberson told Sheila to relax and trust that if Nate said he wanted to stay home with her, he did.

Later, Nate and Sheila headed to a yoga studio. Nate was game, but he refused to go barefoot because he “hadn’t had a pedicure in months.” He told the cameras that he came into the marriage “with an open mind” and that he liked that Sheila was encouraging him to try new things that he wouldn’t normally do on his own. That said, he wasn’t very into the chanting.

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Ashley and Anthony Get Some Time Apart

Anthony headed out on a work trip and Ashley caught up with some of her friends who had been bridesmaids. Ashley reported that she couldn’t imagine “marrying anyone else, ever” and that she was feeling very good about the future.

She told her friends that she and Anthony weren’t exactly on the same page in terms of when to start trying to have kids, but she was OK with waiting a bit longer than she’d hoped. To the camera, however, she said she was concerned that he wasn’t telling her the truth about his desire for children.

After he got back, they went furniture shopping where she first announced that she had no sense of style when it came to interior design. It turned out she did have a sense of style, however, and it was the opposite of Anthony’s. He then taunted her about getting a crib. “He talks about it more than I do now,” Ashley said to the camera, adding that she thought he might be just telling her what he thought she wanted to hear.

Ashley and Anthony Married at First Sight
Ashley and Anthony on ‘Married at First Sight’ Karolina Wojtasik/FYI

Cody and Danielle Talk About Their Families

Cody said he was closer to his mom growing up and Danielle thought that explained why Cody wasn’t good at what she coined “manly things,” such as  using power tools. While they were checking out at the grocery store, however, things turned sour because she asked (again) what time the wedding was on Sunday and he still didn’t know. She was not impressed.

In an attempt to show her his manly side, he put together a treadmill for her while she was at work. He also took the dogs out, cleaned the house and did the grocery shopping. (If that doesn’t impress her, she might be made of stone.)

Sheila Changed Her Name

While Ashley still hadn’t committed to changing her last name to Anthony’s, Sheila went ahead and changed hers to match Nate’s. Nate was very touched. In fact, he admitted to the camera that he “almost cried.” To her, he said he was at a loss for words. “For me, it symbolizes that I am all in,” she said, adding that this is what normal, married people do. “That moment, it meant everything to me,” Nate said to the camera. “That is probably one of the best gifts she could ever give me.”

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The episode ended on two down notes: First, Nate’s mom reiterating how unhappy she was that he had married a stranger. “I’m really disappointed,” his mom said. “I really don’t want to have to choose between my wife and my mom,” he said to the camera. Second, Cody and Danielle got into another argument over the wedding they were supposed to attend that weekend and he asked her if she even wanted the marriage to work.

Tell Us: Do you think these couples are all going to make it for the long haul?

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