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‘Married at First Sight: The First Year’ Recap: Jamie Otis Criticizes Doug Hehner Over Lack of ‘Respect’ After Babies Talk

Relationships are all about compromise and ghost hunting and hula dancing — just ask the newlyweds on Married at First Sight: The First Year. On the Tuesday, April 26, episode, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner found themselves discussing some heavy topics, from babies to unhealthy patterns in their marriage. Meanwhile, Jason Carrion and Cortney Hendrix were still reeling from her perhaps-not-that-well-thought-out decision to throw her wedding ring down the drain. Still, things seemed to be progressing in the right direction … for the most part.

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Baby Steps for Jamie and Doug

In the wake of Jamie’s sister giving birth, both Jamie and Doug had babies on the brain. “I can imagine it now, a little Douglas Hehner coming out with moles all over his face,” Doug mused before noting that hopefully their children would get Jamie’s hair. “I got to admit — it did get me a little excited,” he added to the camera. “It does make me wonder what your baby is going to look like.” In other words, Doug was warming up to the idea of kids, at least a little.

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But that wasn’t the only baby step happening in their relationship. Jamie revealed that she had her sister collect everything from Jamie’s ex’s garage. It was a small act, but it symbolized a big transition: Jamie was finally letting go of her former flame. Doug was clearly relieved by this news, explaining that his wife’s admission that she still had feelings for her ex almost ended their marriage at one point.

As a final act to show her devotion to her better half, Jamie went ghost hunting with Doug. Though he suspected that she wasn’t taking this activity as seriously as he was, he didn’t seem to mind. Instead, he vowed to convert her into a believer in spirits. He didn’t succeed, but they had fun, and really, isn’t that all that matters?

Cortney and Jason Discuss Money Matters (Without Throwing Anything Down the Drain!)

Cortney consulted with Dr. Pepper Schwartz about throwing her ring down the drain. Realizing her error and accepting full responsibility, the remorseful makeup artist admitted, “The last person I want to be is someone who bullies my own husband. He doesn’t deserve to be hurt.”

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The couple then met with a financial planner, who actually thought having separate bank accounts (which is what started Cortney and Jason’s blowout fight in the first place) was fine. In their discussion with the planner, however, it became clear that the husband and wife weren’t exactly on the same page when it came to financial goals. He was ready to buy a home in Brooklyn, but she wanted to raise their kids in North Carolina near her family.

After a calmer, more rational discussion, however, they seemed to agree that North Carolina was the way to go. “Jason is finally ready to move to North Carolina,” Cortney said with a huge smile. They agreed to continue renting in Brooklyn until the time was right for a bigger move.

On the heels of this chat, however, Cortney and Jason met up with Jason’s sister, marking the first time Cortney was meeting her. Cortney was definitely nervous, but she and Jason’s sister hit it off immediately — and Jason couldn’t help but wonder if this new development (namely, that he had family nearby) would help convince Cortney to “pop out some babies in Brooklyn.”

Something to Talk About

Jamie and Doug hit another bump in the road, however, when Doug was late to pick up their dogs from the vet. To put it in context, he was only 30 minutes behind schedule, but Jamie wasn’t having it. (He also forgot to get the dogs’ medicine, just for the record.) “Doug being late to pick up the dogs, it’s just like he really doesn’t respect my time. All I can do is think into the future and hope that this doesn’t keep happening over and over and over again,” she said to the camera. Doug felt that Jamie was blowing this way out of proportion … as usual.

And that’s how they ended up in therapy together. Doug began the session by explaining that he felt like any time he did something wrong, his wife pulled out a “list” of each one of his missteps. “Once you do something that breaks her trust even a little bit, you’re back to square one,” he lamented to the camera.

Married at First Sight: The First Year
‘Married at First Sight: The First Year’

The therapist helped them talk through it, and Jamie seemed to get (at least part of) the message, which was basically that she’s so afraid of being disappointed that she’s constantly on the lookout for things to be disappointed about. They made it through the session unscathed, though, and went for drinks after.

Jamie told Doug she realized she needed to compliment him more, and he argued that it was more about her being as patient with him as he is with her. Jamie then admitted that she, by nature, was not as patient as he is. They both chuckled at that admission, and it turned into a very sweet moment.

Hula Class Is Just the Beginning

Just like Jamie agreed to go ghost hunting with Doug, Cortney was on board for a mystery date with Jason. It turned out to be a hula class, and at first, Cortney was unimpressed. “I’m not really sure what Jason was thinking,” she said to the camera. “This is why I don’t like Jason to plan things for me.”

After a few minutes of dancing, however, she warmed up to the activity, but when it was over she got the real surprise. Jason revealed he was taking them to Hawaii on the honeymoon they always wanted. Apparently, before his mom passed away, she set aside some money for him specifically to do something like this. Cortney was completely overcome with emotion — and she wasn’t even yet aware he was going to replace (and upgrade) that ring she’d thrown away.

In other news, despite Jasmine Gaona‘s initial frustration and disappointment that Neph Rodriguez had purchased a house without consulting her, she was absolutely glowing as he carried her over the threshold into what would be their new home.

Tell Us: Do you think Doug and Jamie are ready for a baby?

Married at First Sight: The First Year airs on FYI Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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