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‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: Husband Lies and Claims He Never Had Sex With His Wife

Whoever said all is fair in love and war hadn’t gotten married on reality TV. On the Tuesday, September 27, episode of Married at First Sight, only one couple out of the initial three seemed to have any hope of going the distance. Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel had exchanged letters to each other as promised, but their divorce (while not official) seemed even more solidified than before. However, they were still getting along better than Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados. (Yikes!)

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He Said, She Said

In an attempt to help get Nick and Sonia on the same page after their blowout fight, Pastor Calvin Roberson dropped by to speak with them each individually (which was easy since Sonia hadn’t slept at their apartment anyway). Nick continued to insist that they “shouldn’t have to work at anything,” and he couldn’t change the way he felt. (ICYMI, Nick felt like he was not remotely attracted to Sonia at this point.)

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“The attraction has dwindled from the beginning,” Nick said with a shrug as he reported that they had not had sex yet. When Calvin tried pressing him further about the cruel way he’d snapped at Sonia, Nick said he should “get at least one Get Out of Jail Free card” since he was part of this experiment. Uh-huh.

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Meanwhile, Sonia was still reeling. “Dude, you’re not a freaking supermodel!” she said to the camera. “Wake the hell up!” Still, she readily admitted that the hopeless romantic in her still wanted to see if they could build something together. “I almost feel like he has this hate towards me,” she said to Calvin. “I think anyone who can treat a woman like that after what had transpired before …”

Calvin cut her off at that moment to clarify what exactly had transpired between them.

“We had sex,” she said. “Not just once.” She then added that they hadn’t wanted to go public with what happened in their bedroom (which might have been something to consider before going on the show, but we digress). Calvin said he understood their desire to protect their privacy, but he was going to need to get to the bottom of this regardless.

Lillian Worries Tom Isn’t Committed

Though things were still headed in the right direction for Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson, they had hit a bump in the road. Actually, it was the same bump they’d hit before: Lillian fearing Tom wasn’t committed to their future because he seemed unwilling to talk about the future in general. “It worries me,” she said of the fact that he didn’t want to have conversations about things like children.

For his part, Tom insisted that he was “100 percent committed,” and argued that his wife was unfairly putting him in the same category as her father (who abandoned her). After a brief meeting with the couple, Calvin worried they were “sabotaging” their own happiness by getting hung up on this topic.

They did seem to get over it relatively quickly, however. Tom played a joke on Lillian by messing up her perfect tube of toothpaste (she likes the toothpaste squeezed neatly from the bottom) and she visited a beach with him that had special meaning in his life.

While they cuddled on the sand, Tom opened up about his last relationship. “I think the topic of kids, the topic of marriage — I was in a state of mind where I just figured, ‘Let’s give this time.’ We had a lot of issues we had to figure out, and I don’t think that’s what she wanted to hear,” he explained to Lillian. Though this could be a red flag considering this was the exact kind of “not talking about the future” that was driving Lillian crazy, she didn’t seem that bothered by it, perhaps because Tom seemed determined to apply the lessons he’d learned from that relationship to his new marriage. Fingers crossed!

Nick and Sonia
Nick and Sonia

Derek Is (Still!) Wearing His Wedding Ring

Just because they’d decided to end their marriage hardly meant Derek and Heather wouldn’t still be in contact with the experts. Rachel DeAlto met up with each of them separately in preparation for bringing the estranged spouses together.

In her individual meeting, Heather said giving up “was a really intense decision to have to make” and that it left her feeling “sad.” In his individual meeting, Derek claimed Heather was just “happy she got her way.” He also told Rachel that he had reached out to her since they’d decided to get divorced, and hadn’t received much response back. That’s when Rachel noticed Derek was still wearing his wedding ring.

Asked about it, Derek didn’t have much to say. Instead he focused on what he’d realized since they got back from their honeymoon, admitting he’d been “impatient” with Heather. Still, he sounded a bit angry. “She claims to be appreciative,” he explained. “But I felt like we kind of let the opportunity slip between our fingers.” Rachel noted that Derek didn’t seem ready to move on.

Heather said she could envision them being friends — but they didn’t come face-to-face just yet.

Nick Has to Come Clean About Sleeping With His Wife

When they finally sat down together, Sonia reiterated that things “became ugly” and explained that she deeply felt that she was more committed to the marriage than he was. That’s when Calvin turned to Nick and asked how intimate they had been. He said they’d gone to “third base.” When Calvin asked Sonia the same question, however, she fessed up that they had knocked boots, exposing Nick’s lie.

Nick didn’t seem concerned about getting caught in this fib, however, explaining, “I’m not a kisser and teller. I wanted to make sure she was OK with it.” Calvin let it go at that, and Sonia asked, “How are you intimate with someone you’re not attracted to?” (During their fight, Nick had gone off about how he wasn’t attracted to her at all.) “That makes me feel dirty,” Sonia explained. “I feel like I gave you a piece of me, and you threw it on the floor.”

In a pleasant turn of events, however, talking things out with the expert did seem to do Nick and Sonia a world of good. Though she wasn’t ready to move back in just yet, she did agree to take Nick to the Little Cuba area of Florida where she grew up, and they visited some of his childhood haunts as well. As they ate Cuban food, Sonia told Nick that after she’d stormed out of their house, she realized she kind of wanted a dog. If that’s not progress, we don’t know what is.

Tell Us: Were you surprised Nick and Sonia had slept together?

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