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‘Married at First Sight: The First Year’ Recap: Cortney Hendrix Tells Husband Jason Carrion ‘F–k You’ Over His Money Secret

All is fair in love and war … right? On the Tuesday, April 5, episode of Married at First Sight: The First Year, the couples struggled to resolve disagreements both big and small. The arguments covered a gamut of standard-fare hot topics including (but not limited to) pets, living spaces and finances — and one fight escalated enough that the wife walked out.

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Jamie Wants a Dog, Doesn’t Want to Go to Therapy

A dog may be man’s best friend, but Doug Hehner thought his wife, Jamie Otis, needed a therapist more than a friend. “Jamie promised Dr. Pepper that she would go to therapy, and there is no effort that I’m seeing on her part,” Doug lamented to the camera, looking rather weary.

He was pleasantly surprised, however, when Jamie announced (while Doug was struggling to dye her hair) that she had finally booked a session with a therapist. Though she seemed lukewarm to the idea, Doug was instantly bolstered by the news and said it was proof that she “is taking steps in the right direction.”

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Her session seemed to go pretty well, however. The Bachelor season 16 alum opened up about her stepdad battling substances and abusing her mother, and Jamie also discussed her tendency to brush those painful memories under the rug because they were “embarrassing.” She reflected on what it was like to take custody of her siblings when she was just a teen, and commented that her younger sister could be somewhat “defiant.”

The therapist pointed out that perhaps Doug’s recent defiance was merely a reaction to the way she was treating him. Jamie considered that but made no comment.

Jason Reunites With His Half-Sister

Jamie wasn’t the only one exploring old family relationships. Jason Carrion reunited with his half-sister, who he hadn’t seen in 18 years. The moment she walked into the coffee shop, they both started crying. Despite being overwhelmed by emotion, however, they managed to catch up on the last two decades.

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Jason learned that she did not have a relationship with their father either, which he took a moment to process. He then confided that he had learned their father now had a whole new family. Jason mentioned that the news was rather hard to swallow, considering the way his father had abandoned Jason.

Jason’s sister, who knew their father better but admitted she hadn’t spoken to him in years after a falling-out, told Jason it actually might not have been “a bad thing” that their dad wasn’t part of Jason’s life. Overall, Jason was thrilled with how the meeting went, as was his wife, Cortney Hendrix.

Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Money can buy plenty of tangible things — like a bigger apartment and a proper engagement ring (two things Cortney desperately wanted). Though they had just come off a high from Jason’s successful reunion with his half-sister, Jason and Cortney hit rocky waters as they bickered over financial issues.

They both agreed their current apartment was far too small, and that it led to too many fights because they couldn’t get away from each other, so they began hunting for a new place to call home. In this process, however, Cortney tuned into the finances a bit more closely and realized that Jason had not been depositing his work checks into their joint account as they’d previously agreed; the checks were going into an account that was only under his name instead. To say that Cortney was not pleased would be quite the understatement. (It’s worth noting, though, that Jason insisted to the camera that the reason he was depositing money into his own account was because he was saving up to buy Cortney her dream ring and wanted it to be a surprise.)

When she confronted him about it, he didn’t react particularly well, insisting he had deposited a check into their joint account just the day before. (It was pretty clear he was lying, but this was not proven.) Cortney made a snippy comment that she makes money “to buy things I like,” which prompted Jason to ask if they were putting any money toward savings.

“Jason, when you have your own bank account, I’m not actually sure!” she snapped. He then made a comment about how hard he worked while she sat on the couch watching TV — and that was pretty much the end of that. “F–k you,” Cortney said as she stormed out the door.

“I know that he’s lying to me, and I will not be with someone who does not think what I do is important,” she explained to the camera. “If that kind of behavior continued, it’s over!”

Double Date With Neph and Jasmine

In other housing news, Jason and Cortney ended up on a double date with Neph Rodriguez and his girlfriend, Jasmine. When Neph announced that he’d bought a house, Cortney and Jason were both really happy and enthusiastic — until Jasmine explained (more to Cortney than Jason) that she had not been involved in the process at all.

“You did this while she was gone?” Cortney said, obviously horrified. Neph argued that his mom approved it, and so it was all good, but neither of the women were buying that logic.

“Buying the house is for me,” Neph explained. “But living in the house is for us.” If looks could kill, he would have been a dead man between Cortney and Jasmine — but they don’t, so he lived. For now.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner
Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis

Doug Caves About That Dog

Truly touched that Jamie had gone out of her comfort zone to attend therapy, Doug took her to a nice brunch to show his appreciation. That’s when Jamie broke the news that she didn’t think she vibed with that therapist, and wasn’t sure she’d be going back.

“It’s just uncomfortable,” she sighed. “It’s just weird. I would rather just ignore it and forget about it, but obviously that’s not going to work, because it does have an impact on me.” Doug noted she wasn’t the only one suffering.

“And that does have an impact on us,” he added.

Despite this hiccup, Doug remained supportive, and Jamie really appreciated it. They both told each other they were there for each other, and it looked like they both really meant it.

Later, Doug broke some big news to her: “I think I’m open to fostering a dog,” he said. “I just think we’ve been talking about moving forward, and I think it’ll be something that I can do to show you that I do want to make an effort.” (In other words, she stays in therapy — he caves on the dog.)

Jamie was surprised, but happy. “Getting another dog together is actually a big commitment,” she said, and she considered it a sign that Doug was finally getting comfortable in their relationship. It was unclear whether she realized part of his newfound comfort was contingent on her continuing with professional help for her emotional baggage from childhood.

Tell Us: Do you think Jamie will continue therapy? And was Cortney’s tirade over Jason’s bank account justified?

Married at First Sight: The First Year airs on FYI on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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