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‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ Recap: Memphitz Explodes at Toya, Screams ‘Shut the F–k Up!’

Actions speak louder than words — but words can be pretty loud too. On the Friday, June 24, episode of We TV’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, several of the couples had fights that devolved into bitter screaming matches, and the aftermath wasn’t pretty.

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By comparison, Cody Sattler and Michelle Money — who had experienced their own bitter brawl the day before — were much more subdued now that they had decided to get a “boot camp divorce.” In fact, even though Cody had called it “one of the worst days” of his life, and Michelle had described Cody’s decision to reveal that she had cheated on her ex-husband as “a big slap in the face,” they were still getting along better than some of the other twosomes by leaps and bounds (and that’s pretty frightening).

“I came into this wanting to fix you, but I think that Elizabeth [Carroll] said it so clearly,” Michelle reflected. “We need to be divorced right now.” Cody responded by calling this a good opportunity to look deep within themselves, which was definitely progress from just 24 hours earlier, when Michelle was physically kicking him out of their room and he was sleeping on the couch.

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Memphitz Tells Toya to “Shut the F–k Up”

It all started innocently enough, with Toya teaching Tara Reid how to twerk — but it took a turn when the dance lesson evolved into a discussion of whether Memphitz actually cheated. “I need love!” he barked. “If I don’t get love, yes, I’m going to get that love.” At that point, Lorenzo Gordon chimed in to say he understood where Memphitz was coming from, much to Brittish Williams‘ dismay.

Memphitz and Toya were too wrapped up in their own fight, however, to pay much attention to the friction between Lorenzo and Brittish. Memphitz argued that he was “learning” more about Toya every day, and she wasn’t making a reciprocal effort. When he didn’t like her response, he got right up in her face. “When we got married …” he began before trailing off and opting for a different line of arguing. “You shut the f–k up! Don’t tell me what to do, little girl!” He then ordered Toya to “clean that s–t up” as he pointed to a spilled beer bottle on the counter before storming out.

Even Tara, who isn’t the calmest person in the world, called their fighting “scary” and excused herself from the room. (When Tara Reid finds you frightening, you’re in trouble.)

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Lorenzo Won’t Come Clean

Worked up from Memphitz and Toya’s fight, Lorenzo and Brittish also had it out. Brittish became increasingly annoyed as Lorenzo refused to answer her question about his infidelities. “If we’re together, and you want to go f–k with bitches, you can do it? Yes or no!” she screamed. “You’ve got a problem with just telling the truth.” That’s when she picked up a jug of lemonade and chucked it at him. (It was mostly empty, but still.)

Jim and Elizabeth Carroll Try to Take Control

In an attempt to show the couples how destructive their fighting was, directors Elizabeth and Jim Carroll organized a role-playing exercise in which each person would play their partner as they acted out a fight. Everyone actually did pretty well with the exercise, except for Adam Friedman, who refused to imitate Lisa D’Amato.

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“Everything went over my head,” he said. “Sorry.” Fortunately, Brittish was on hand to step in and play Lisa on Adam’s behalf. Seeing Brittish fill his shoes, Adam seemed to understand, if for only a moment, how much he was smothering Lisa with his overprotective nature. (Whether Lisa realized anything was less clear.)

Cody and Michelle also seemed to have a bit of a breakthrough. Cody admitted Michelle’s portrayal of him made him feel “embarrassed,” and Michelle admitted that Cody’s portrayal of her helped her realize that she never lets him get a word in edgewise. It was a baby step, but a step nonetheless. Still, moments later, Michelle was speculating that she didn’t know if she was willing to give their relationship another shot at all. “I can’t fix him,” she said. Umm … remember one day ago when you decided to focus on fixing yourself, Michelle?

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars
‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’

That exercise behind them, they moved on to a tug-of-war over a pool. Each couple was instructed to see how long each of them could stay on their spots. The answer: not very long. To cut the exercise short, Tara just jumped in. “I thought it was pretty cute,” Dean May admitted. At that point, Memphitz pulled Toya in. Lisa pulled Adam in. Dean pushed Lorenzo in. And Cody copied Tara and just jumped in. Ultimately, the lesson was that the directors had never said that anyone had to pull on the rope they were holding and that in order to “win,” all they had to do was stand on their respective spots.

Memphitz Tells Toya, “I Do What the F–k I Want to Do!”

It didn’t seem like any of the exercises really sank in for Memphitz, though, since later that night he was, once again, screaming in Toya’s face. “I don’t stop doing nothing!” he shouted. “I do what the f–k I want to do!” Toya stared back in total disgust and said a dismissive, “Bye,” which really set Memphitz off.

“You don’t tell me ‘bye’!” Memphitz shouted. “F–k this house! F–k you! You ain’t going to be telling me what to do.” He then stormed off again. Outside, he insisted that people needed to talk to him “with respect” … like with all the respect he used when talking to Toya? He then admitted that since he’d gotten married, he felt he’d “lost himself” a little bit.

During the group sit-down after their fight, Elizabeth Carroll reprimanded Memphitz for his behavior. “Not only did you verbally attack Toya, you degraded her as well,” she said. “That type of aggressive behavior is totally unacceptable.” She then told him he owed Toya an apology, and Memphitz broke down in tears. Later, Judge Lynn Toller from Divorce Court seconded this assessment, telling Memphitz, “You are a grown man, and you need to stop it.” Amen, sister.

Tell Us: Do you think there’s hope for Memphitz and Toya?

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs on We TV Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.

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