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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Recap: Snoop’s Girlfriend Explodes Over Cheating Claim, Cardi B Hooks Up With Swift

Fightin’ words! On Love & Hip Hop‘s Monday, November 28, episode, there was drama from minute one. First up was Bianca Bonnie, who performed her new song, “Ima Get It,” at Club Reign in Queens. Yandy Smith was on hand to help Bianca meet the people she needed to know, but only succeeded in introducing the singer to DJ Drewski from Hot 97 — a guy Bianca already knew.

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Apparently, Drewski used to flirt with Bianca, who admitted they’d shared “a little kiss here, maybe a little kiss there.” She said he was always trying to get her to let him “smash” her on the side (because he usually had a girlfriend). For the record, she’d never let him “smash” her, but she wasn’t saying it would never happen either.

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As they chatted after her performance, he said his girlfriend had to approve of Bianca before he could give her song the green light for the radio. “My girlfriend’s like my assistant,” he said. 

“What type of clown gives his girl the right to make business decisions for him?” Bianca asked the camera before calling Drewski’s girlfriend a “nobody.” (She probably didn’t like that too much.)

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Snoop Tries to Settle Down With Jade

Meanwhile, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson (yes, from The Wire!) was trying to get things into a natural rhythm with her girlfriend, Jade (short for J. Adrienne). Jade was from Chicago, but had left her life (and son) in the Windy City to work on her relationship with Snoop. Things were rather rocky between them, though, because Jade had had some unpleasant altercations with some of Snoop’s fans when she found them to be a little too friendly.

Snoop thought Jade might chill out more if she had some friends, so they met up with Juelz Santana and his girlfriend, Kimbella, for lunch. Juelz told Jade it “takes a strong woman” to deal with Snoop — not exactly the message Snoop wanted Jade to hear.

To the camera, Jade revealed that this was her first lesbian relationship. “I need to believe that Snoop is a one-woman woman,” she said. Meanwhile, Snoop told the cameras Jade had a “jealous streak” that wasn’t sitting well.

Kimbella and Juelz Spar Over His Hos

Kimbella’s own relationship had issues, however. She was none too pleased with Juelz, who had (allegedly) stayed in the recording studio all night, failed to call, and returned home at 7 a.m. When he showed up late for a family lunch the next day, Kimbella had had it.

“My phone died. Time got a little late,” Juelz said, adding that he didn’t notice his phone was dead until he was in the car on the way home. Kimbella was worried because he was hanging out with an artist called Dep, who had a reputation for always having lots of females around. “No hos need to be around my man!” she screamed. “No bitches need to be around my man!”

Juelz argued that he needed to work to make money to take care of the family — but when Kimbella dropped in on a recording session later on and found Juelz with Dep and several “hoodrats,” she flew off the handle … again.

Drewski’s Girlfriend Isn’t Happy

Despite his insistence that he was a “changed man,” Drewski managed to get his girlfriend, Sky, mightily upset. She wasn’t happy he had gone to a music showcase (the one where he’d met up with Bianca) without telling her. “I know Bianca’s an artist that he’s had a past with, but I need to make sure that the relationship that she’s trying to rekindle is strictly business,” Sky reasoned. The DJ insisted that he was about his money, music and family (though hopefully not in that order).

Meanwhile, Bianca met up with Cardi B (and her new set of teeth) to catch up over drinks. Bianca started off by talking about her run-in with Drewski, and Cardi B confessed she had never had sex with a white guy (or anyone with skin lighter than hers, actually). Though Bianca said she had never really gone far with the DJ because he always had “mad girls” around, she also hinted that she was interested, going so far as to say she was going to “take him” from Sky.

“Maybe I’m having sex with the wrong race,” Cardi B mused. (She had been up to no good herself, making out with Swift in the studio, but she argued it didn’t count as cheating; it was unclear whether her boyfriend and his girlfriend would see it that way, however.)

From left: Remy Ma and Yandy Smith

Snoop and Jade Have a Blowout Fight

Despite Jade’s clear skittishness over Snoop hanging out with other women, Snoop quickly fell into a flirtatious vibe with a new artist named Sofi Green. Under the pretense that Snoop was considering signing Green to her label, Gorgeous Gangster, Snoop and Sofi got very cozy, very quickly, and Sofi invited Snoop on her podcast, which, conveniently, was all about sex. ICYMI, in addition to being an actor and in the music business, Snoop has a line of sex toys called the G Spot.

Snoop went on the podcast, where the flirtation got even more intense. At one point, Sofi fed Snoop a strawberry and posted a pic to Instagram. Jade was not happy about that and returned from her trip to Chicago with death in her eyes.

“Who is this bitch?” she asked as she showed Snoop the posting. “I’m going to throw this phone at your head!” Snoop explained she had only gone on the podcast to promote the sex-toy line. “I was there for business. I wasn’t there for no foolishness,” she reiterated to the camera, though she also admitted that upon seeing the posting, she “understood” why Jade was perturbed.

As they continued to fight, Jade kept shouting that they were “supposed to be motherf–king partners” and asking Snoop why they weren’t. “I didn’t come all this way for this s–t show!” she screamed as she crawled on top of the kitchen counter to overpower Snoop. Snoop coaxed Jade off the counter but was rattled by the physical aspect of their altercation. “Don’t touch me!” she shouted. Jade calmed down a bit, but was still irate.

Tell Us: Do you think Jade overreacted?

Love & Hip Hop airs on VH1 Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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