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Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” Features 7 Epic New Dance Moves You Have to Try Now: See the GIFs!

He may be “Sorry,” but that doesn’t mean the Biebs can’t make you bust a move! In the new dance-happy music video for his latest club-thumping single, Justin Bieber is no where to be seen. 

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Instead, the 21-year-old pop star enlisted the help of a team of female dancers to show off some impressive new moves that are sure to catch on quick. If their vibrant outfits weren’t enough to spark a series of Halloween costumes this year, then their booty-poppin’ antics will certainly stand the test of time. 

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Here are some of our favorite new moves (that we titled ourselves):

Bieber video GIF: Updated stomp

1. Full-Body Stomp

It’s steppin’ like you’ve never seen. Stomp once on each leg while moving the opposite arms. Throw in a Beyonce hand swipe through the cleavage for good measure. 

Bieber video GIF: step back and arm wave

2. Step Back and Wave

It might require some balancing, but take one foot back, lean forward, and do your best full-body arm wave. 

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Bieber video GIF: wipe it off

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3. Wipe It Off and Wiggle

Tough week? Just brush it off! For this move, lean back and brush off the haters on either side of you. Throw your hips from side to side for some added fun. 

Bieber video GIF: crawling

4. Crawling Booty Pop

Ever drop a chip on the floor and rush to pick it up before the five-second rule is up? Attract attention away from your floor food by crawling on your hands and knees and popping your booty at the same time. 

Bieber video GIF: squatting hip pop

5. Squatting Hip Shake

This one will probably help fulfill your workout quota for the week. Squat down and swivel your hips around. Toss your head back like you could care less for added effect.  

Bieber video GIF: lean back

6. Strut and Sway

Do your best Naomi Campbell catwalk strut while leaning back with your arms out. Because, why not?

Bieber video GIF: toe tap

7. Toe Tappin’ Body Roll

One foot forward and tap the ground multiple times while mid-body roll. Trust us, it’s not easy. 

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