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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: April Debates Telling Jackson About Pregnancy, Alex and Jo Talk Marriage Proposal

Last week was all about Japril, but this one focused on, well, everyone else. The Thursday, March 3, episode of Grey’s Anatomy covered lots of ground to show that love is complicated, even if you’re not secretly pregnant and going through a divorce. Though it’s complicated if you’re in that boat, too.

April Doesn’t Think Jackson Needs to Know About Their Unborn Child Yet

As the episode began, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) was urging April (Sarah Drew) to tell Jackson (Jesse Williams) that she was with child. April didn’t think it was necessary — after all, they still had things like cable bills to settle first. (To be clear, April didn’t actually say that part, but they did discuss their cable bill.)

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April assumed Arizona was advising her to tell Jackson so he would “come back” to her, and said that instead of worrying about that, she wanted to just enjoy being “happy for the first time in a year.”

Later, after watching another cordial exchange between the newly divorced couple, Alex (Justin Chambers) asked April point-blank if Jackson didn’t know yet. When April seemed shocked that Alex figured out her secret, he simply added, “You should tell him before he figures it out too.”

Jo Answers Alex’s Marriage Proposal Without Actually Answering

For his part, Alex finally got an answer from Jo regarding his marriage proposal — though it wasn’t a very clear one. “So, the ring is in your drawer,” Jo (Camilla Luddington) said during an awkward, semi-private moment. “Are you going to take it back?”

Alex answered her question with another. “Do you want me to take it back?” he asked.

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Jo reasoned that it was “probably expensive” and that it was “not doing anyone any good” being in the drawer, prompting Alex to snap, “I didn’t buy it for the drawer.”

After more agonizing silence, he helpfully reminded her. “You didn’t say yes or no. Is this no? Is that what you’re saying?” Unfortunately, his sentence structure only gave Jo more room for irritating ambiguity.

“No!” she said. Alex asked “No, like, ‘no’? Or no, like, ‘not no’?” She replied, “I don’t know.” Then viewers everywhere simultaneously threw their arms up in defeat. (That may or may not have happened.)

Later on, she finally told him, “Keep it in the drawer. I don’t want it, but I don’t want it gone.” Umm. OK, then.

It’s a Beautiful Night to Save Lives — Even When You Don’t

While discharging a cancer patient, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) ran into a problem that required someone from the cardio department. When Riggs (Martin Henderson) showed up, she couldn’t help but groan (which was probably not all that comforting for the bleeding patient). It turned out that though the patient was officially cancer-free, she’d developed a whole new problem that was potentially fatal. 

When Riggs learned that the patient was reluctant to call a son she’d abandoned six years earlier, he convinced her to pick up the phone before they wheeled her in for surgery. As she headed to the operating room, the woman seemed comforted knowing that her son was on his way.

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Just as they went in, Meredith crossed paths with another patient headed for the OR — one whom Derek (Patrick Dempsey) had saved from an aneurism years earlier but now had another. Meredith flashed back to Derek telling everyone, “It’s a beautiful night to save lives.” Only, on this night, Meredith didn’t.

Though the cancer patient’s son did make it to the hospital, he only arrived in time to say a farewell to his estranged mother’s lifeless body. Still, it seemed there was peace in that reconciliation, even if it had come too late.

Meredith Gets to the Bottom of the Beef Between Owen and Riggs

In a quiet moment with Riggs, Meredith asked him what had happened with the sister of Owen (Kevin McKidd). “He said you put her in a helicopter, and it crashed,” Meredith began, prompting Riggs to tell his version of the story.

In a nutshell, he and Meg (Owen’s sister) had been working on medical duty in a remote place, and they had a patient who needed to be transported. There was only space for one of the two doctors in the chopper and, arguing that it was her patient and therefore her responsibility, Meg had insisted she be the one to go. Riggs let her — and that was the last time he ever saw her.

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“I couldn’t tell her no, and the helicopter never got there,” he said. “No one knows what happened. It just disappeared, no trace.”

Meredith took that in and clarified, “So he thinks you should have been on that helicopter.” This seemed to rub Riggs the wrong way.

“I don’t go asking you about your dead husband, do I?” he fired back.

Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew
Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

Arizona Adds Fuel to Webber’s Fire

As Arizona dipped her toes back into the dating pool (or cannonballed right in, more like it), Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) made sure to stay informed on her progress. This open dialogue led her to occasionally over-share the details of her dates — as well as the details of Webber’s daughter’s dates. (Oops.)

During an appendix surgery, Arizona praised Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti) as the ideal roommate … because he “spends every night at his girlfriend’s place.” (She did not realize that Webber knew something she didn’t: that Andrew’s mystery lover was Webber’s own daughter, Maggie.) Webber’s eyebrow went up, but no one said anything. “He has a girlfriend with her own place and clearly a crazy sex life!” Arizona continued. “He brought her to our place once, and I thought he was killing her in there. She’s a screamer!”

Meredith and Amelia Bicker Over Derek’s Former Patient

In addition to playing 21 Questions with Riggs and helping convince a dying woman to try to make amends with her son, Meredith found time to fight over the (previously mentioned) patient who had been treated by Derek but was back in the hospital. Despite the patient repeatedly reminding Meredith how incompetent she had been the last time around (it had been Meredith’s first day on the job), Mer seemed intent on making sure everything went smoothly now.

The only problem was that this time, the patient’s issue was much more complicated, and the person who was going to have to operate was Amelia (Caterina Scorsone). After learning that Amelia was Derek’s sister, she asked, “Are you as good as your brother?” Amelia seemed pretty sure the answer to that was no.

Still, she buckled down, got to work, and saved the patient’s life. Afterwards, the patient apologized for being so nasty to Meredith and asked what happened to the other Dr. Shepherd. Meredith simply replied, “That’s a long story.”

Tell Us: Do you think Jackson’s going to find out April is pregnant before she decides to tell him?

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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