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‘Fixer Upper’ Season 4 Premiere Recap: Chip Gaines’ Eight Most Awkward Moments in Front of Joanna

Chip is bringing sexy back! On Fixer Upper‘s season 4 premier Tuesday, November 29, Chip Gaines tried countless times to “impress” his wife, Joanna. He flexed a few muscles and climbed a few trees — but it turns out all he needed was the help of a few four-legged friends to finally convince his wife of his “sexiness.”

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Chip’s Cheesy Pickup Line

After three successful seasons, the Texas-based couple has found fame by turning dilapidated houses into clients’ dream homes. But Chip opened season 4 by pretending he didn’t even know his wife of 13 years.

“What’s your name again?” Chip coyly asked Joanna.

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“J,” she responded as she stood right next to her goofy husband.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Chip joked. “Casting did a heck of a job making it look like we knew each other.”

Ha-ha. Good one, Chip.

A Hairy Situation

The Gaines set out to meet Andrew Chapman, a high school teacher, and his wife, Brittany, a director of data and research at a nonprofit. The couple told Chip and Joanna that they were looking for a house that had enough space for their two dogs and maybe even a future baby in the Mountainview area of Waco, Texas.

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Working with an all-in budget of $450,000, Chip and Joanna were able to show the pair a house that they nicknamed the “Floor-Story House” after the property’s crazy flooring changes. Andrew and Brittany weren’t blown away, but they remained optimistic. As the couples split up to head to a second home, Chip confessed to Joanna that he was obsessed with Andrew’s thick beard.

“That beard of his, that’s the real deal!” Chip raved.

“Can you grow a beard like that?” Joanna asked her husband, intrigued by the idea. Chip admitted his hair growth is “splotchy,” but if he could grow facial hair, he would have to rock the sexy combo of “a combover and a beard.” Clearly more amused than turned on, Joanna couldn’t help but respond with laughter. Swoon.

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Tarzan Tendencies

The two couples arrived to the second home, which they deemed the “Crepe Myrtle Cottage.” Andrew and Brittany were immediately drawn to the vineyardlike backyard and the beautiful trees lining the outdoors — and so was Chip.

He took advantage of the opportunity to “wow” his wife with his tree-climbing skills, but the construction man could never pass as George of the Jungle. Chip’s limbs flailed in all directions as he dangled from a branch. Womp, womp.

Smooth Moves

The Chapman family ended up choosing house No. 3, a property that Chip referred to as the “Cargo Ship House,” complete with “smokestacks” and an awkward add-on. They were able to lock down the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home for less than asking price, leaving the Gaines $183,500 to use toward renovations.

Joanna promised Andrew and Brittany that she would do her best to make their new house look like anything but a cargo ship, which meant Chip had to get right to work. Sporting his tight #DemoDay T-shirt, Chip forcefully opened his jacket like he was Superman showing off the S on his chest.

But Joanna called him out on his “smoothness.” She bluntly remarked, “He practiced that eight times.”

Talk Sexy to Me

Luckily for Chip, his tree-cutting skills proved more impressive than his tree climbing. He was able to get rid of a few unruly trees and successfully balanced out the exterior, but Joanna decided she wanted to add more design elements. Chip reminded her to be practical, and she quipped that he sounded like he needed a nap.

But Chip insisted that his cool-toned tired voice was actually his sexy voice. “Somebody said that if you talked rustier, it’s sexy,” he insisted.

“Just be you, Chip,” Joanna said flatly, adding a smile.

A Bangin’ Haircut

The Cargo Ship House slowly but surely started coming together. As he installed new ceiling beams, Chip pretended to do squats with the artificial wood. But instead of checking out her husband’s glutes, Joanna noticed that Chip needed a haircut.

“Chip!” Joanna laughed. “Fix your hair, bud!”

Instead of pulling his long locks back, Chip tried to style his hair into a mohawk. “I feel like I’m sexy because I can see through my bangs,” Chip explained. “Only people who can do that are pretty sexy.” Right.

Chip and Joanna Gaines

“Perfect” Pecs

As the Gaines put the final touches on the master bedroom, they ran into a problem: The new sliding door didn’t fit. They ultimately decided to cut it down, but Joanna expressed disappointment that the door wasn’t “perfect.”

So Chip tried to distract her from the issue. “You know what looks amazing? My pecs,” he reminded Joanna. “One of the hallway mirrors caught my silhouette. I was like, ‘Dang!’”

The Sexiest Surprise

Before wrapping up the renovation, Joanna thought it’d be fun to bring in her four children to check out the house’s “doggy spa.” Inspired by the new pup-approved addition, Chip decided to surprise his family with two brand new puppies.

“I got those for you, babe,” Chip told her as the kids squealed over the dogs.

“I love them!” Joanna said of Chip’s thoughtful gesture. “They’re adorable.” Success! It turns out Chip is actually the “sexiest” when he’s being the sweetest.

Naturally, the Gaines were in great spirits when they finally brought Andrew and Brittany back to the house. After a few teary-eyed moments, the couple excitedly told Chip and Joanna that they were thrilled to call the bright, open space their new home. “A dream come true!” Andrew insisted.

The Gaines certainly know that feeling. Because every day with Chip is a dream come true. … Right, Joanna?

Tell Us: Which was Chip’s most embarrassing moment in the season premiere?

Fixer Upper airs on HGTV Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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