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‘Big Brother’ Elimination Recap: A Juror Is Rejoining the Game, Plenty of Shade Is Thrown

The twists keep coming! Big Brother‘s Victor and Corey sat on the block awaiting their fates, which were squarely in James’ hands, as the final seven houseguests headed into the Thursday, August 25, live eviction episode. But Julie Chen informed viewers that the newly evicted contestant would compete against the four current jury members — Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette and Paulie — for a second (or third, in Victor’s case) chance in the house! How does this keep happening?!

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All the drama started after Natalie scored HOH, and Michelle was gifted the co-HOH title via America’s Care Package. The two showmances linked up, and Nat and Big Meech agreed to nominate Paul and Victor for eviction. But Paul came back with a vengeance and pulled himself down, and Corey took his spot. Only three will vote this week — Nicole, Paul and James — and viewers can expect some serious campaigning as Nicole’s and Paul’s votes are locked down, while James’ is seemingly up for grabs.

Big Brother 18
Big Brother 18

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So who’s getting sent home? Victor for the second time, or Nicole’s hot beau, Corey? And which jury member will get another chance?

A Taste of Manipulation

As a reminder to viewers, Paul has got this house on lock! “Your boy” has come up with a genius plan to manipulate James into keeping Victor.

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After Paul and Victor spotted the two showmances talking strategy in the backyard, Paul devised a plan to distance himself from Vic and create a link with Corey and Nicole. His epic plan: “Part one: Spend as much time as humanly possible with Corey and Nicole. Part two: Make sure James, Natalie and Michelle see me spending time with my new best friends.”

As Paul worked his way into Ni-Corey’s good graces, Victor played the fool with James and the co-HOHs, who all bought exactly what he was selling. James admitted, “You’ve got a bad egg connected to you.” And Nat confirmed her dislike for Paul: “He’s the biggest and scariest threat in this whole house.”

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Explosion in the Jury House

We knew Paulie would make a splash! As he rolled up in fresh white kicks, the ladies of the jury hoped he would be the next arrival. “I need some popcorn because if it’s Paulie, I want to sit back and watch the show,” cackled Mama Da. Plus, Z looked forward to a serious confrontation: “I would love to give him a piece of my mind.”

In walked Paulie, and the ladies rejoiced. With all the shade and insults, Bridgette, Da and Z welcomed the fourth juror with greetings like: “He’s salty. Someone’s gotta give him some pepper to go with all that salt,” and “You’re cocky, and you have a giant ego.” But he wasted no time in retaliating with, “I said it was the season of catty and petty women, and I’m glad nothing’s changed.”

The jury house was certainly a riot this past weekend as the women verbally shamed Paulie for his duplicitous actions and generally despicable behavior. #GirlPower

Victor and Julie Chen
Victor and Julie Chen

It’s About That Time

Cue the eviction! Without further ado, Chen launched into the eviction, and the male nominees gave speeches that were uninspired, to say the least. Both guys claimed their undying loyalty to their alliances, and used the screen time to send love to their families. The main show started, and James cast his all-important vote.

In a 2-1 decision, Victor was sent home for the second time this summer. But the houseguests immediately wondered why it was so early. They could smell that something was up, and they were right!

The fitness aficionado swiftly exited, and sadly didn’t have anything scintillating to share with Chen. He was proud of his alliance with Paul, and he implied that his bud made up for his shortcomings: “I don’t have the best social game because it’s hard for me to lie to people.”

Two-in-One Special

Here comes the second battle-back competition! Of course, the jury members found out in advance, and all hell broke loose. Everyone screamed, and the four jury members instantaneously plotted their return to the house, Paulie more so than the others. As he put it, “When it’s game time, your boy turns up.” He dramatically added, “I want to succeed more than I want to breathe.”

Jumping back to August 25’s live episode, Chen brought out the jury members and teased them with who would be joining them, which viewers already knew. Victor came running out, and there were hugs all around. It does have to be noted that Paulie had his bulging thighs on display with a pair of short shorts. 

Members of the Jury House get to compete to re-enter the games on the 'Big Brother Live Eviction' show, August 25.
Members of the Jury House get to compete to re-enter the games on the ‘Big Brother Live Eviction’ show, August 25.

Comp Time Is Going Down

With the umpteenth twist of the season underway, the houseguests (minus Michelle and Natalie) and all five of the jurors hopped onto a carnival ride from hell in the hope of winning either HOH or another chance in the BB house.

The HOH competition, titled “Welcome to the Loch Mess,” is the ultimate test of endurance. Each competitor stands on an individual platform over a moat, gripping onto a plank behind them, while the entire machine holding everyone up dips backward and forward. Of course, bursts of cold water sporadically hit them in the face the entire time.

The big twist to consider, as fans look forward to the Sunday, August 28, episode, is that the last juror standing wins his or her spot back in the house, and the final competitor standing wins HOH. Yes, that person can be one and the same. Tune in to see which houseguest reigns victorious, and who is headed back for another round of BB shenanigans!

Tell Us: Will Victor get a third chance?

Big Brother airs on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET, and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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