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‘Twins: Happily Ever After?’ Premiere: Emily and Haley Ferguson Beg Ben Higgins for Help

Double trouble! Emily and Haley Ferguson had to face their fears of growing up on the Monday, March 20, series premiere of The Twins: Happily Ever After

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“We got our own show, and we don’t know how,” the twins rapped at the beginning of the episode. Some skeptical viewers may have initially agreed that the Ferguson sisters’ lifestyle might not make good for TV. However, the women proved, as they did when they appeared on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, that they could put on a show.

Here are the five more outrageous things Emily and Haley did during the series premiere.

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Pampered Life

Haley and Emily enjoy a lavish lifestyle in Vegas. Because they live at home and don’t work, the women like to spend their days shopping at the mall and pretending to exercise at the gym.

The two really haven’t had to do anything for themselves, and still mostly act like children. They live in bedrooms that look like they haven’t changed since the twins were little. They even have a photo of Ben Higgins between their rooms and say “Good morning, Ben” every day when they wake up, which, for Us, seemed kind of creepy.

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“Living at home with our mom is, like, the greatest thing ever,” the twins proclaimed. They really were living the good life, at least for the time being.

Fed Up

Jill Ferguson, the twins’ mom, had a more negative view about the lifestyle of her daughters. “These girls do nothing. They are living the freakin’ dream,” she said.

One day, the women were walking in their neighborhood when they spotted two young boys playing on a hoverboard. Naturally, they borrowed it and started to ride it around their house, and it didn’t end well, which was unsurprising. One of the twins fell off the board in the kitchen and broke a vase. 

Even worse, they went to the gym and didn’t clean up the glass because they didn’t want to hurt themselves on the shards. “That was so dumb of mom to have glass in the house,” Emily said.

Jill was not amused, and the mishap prompted her to tell the twins they needed to get jobs and move out, which totally shocked them. After all, they don’t know how to cook or clean or pay bills. “I’m honestly wondering what the f–k just happened,” Emily said. “It’s just not fair.”

Hell’s Kitchen

The twins wanted to cook a fancy dinner to impress their mom and make her change her mind about the upcoming move. Even though they had no cooking experience, they decided to try to tackle duck a l’orange — with chicken — and lobster thermidor. However, they couldn’t even stand being in the grocery store because it was cold and involved too much walking, so it seemed impossible that they’d actually cook a meal. Oh, well — at least they had their mom’s credit card to use for almost $200 worth of ingredients.

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Once the cooking began, all hell broke loose. They threw the chicken on the ground because they didn’t like the way it felt, and ended up putting the lobster in their fish tank because they couldn’t imagine killing it. They even named the lobster “Pinchy.” Emily said, “I hope we’re not going to kill our mom with this chicken.”

Jill actually liked the chicken and said it was “yummy AF,” but told her daughters they still had to move out. Oh, well — it was worth the shot.

Ben and Lauren Lend a Hand

Haley and Emily were obviously having problems “adult-ing,” and needed help from people they “idolized,” so they asked Ben and Lauren Bushnell for advice. “Ben and Lauren are adult as f–k,” Emily said.

Ben and Lauren were more than happy to help, and they thought the twins getting kicked out was a “blessing in disguise.” Ben said, “The twins need to grow up.”

The couple took the twins to a fancy restaurant and made them try new foods to push them out of their comfort zone. After the sisters showed up late, they proceeded to spit out all of the food they tried and gagged loudly when tasting dishes like beef tartare and salmon.

“The twins have a long way to go,” Lauren said after the dinner. Ben did add that he was “proud” that the twins tried new dishes, even if they made a scene at the restaurant.

Falling Short

To show that they are “adult AF,” the twins were going to jump off the highest building in Vegas, the Stratosphere. Haley said if they successfully jumped, it would be a “sign they are mature enough to move out.”

However, viewers didn’t actually get to see either of the women jump. They both freaked out at the top, and it seems as though neither one of them actually completed the more than 800-foot jump.

“If growing up means jumping off buildings, I don’t want to grow up,” the women said in unison to the camera. Even though that might be a bit of a stretch, the twins do have a long way to go before they are ready to make it on their own.

Tell Us: Are you surprised that the twins are struggling so much to grow up?

The Twins: Happily Ever After? airs on Freeform Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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