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‘Bachelorette’ Recap: Rachel Gets Close to Dean, Tempers Flare Between Lee and Kenny

Boys will be boys, especially on The Bachelorette. On the Monday, June 19, episode of the matchmaking show, tensions were running high amongst the men as they continued to vie for Rachel Lindsay‘s heart. At the core of that tension was Tennessee native, Lee, who seemed to take joy in getting the other guys as worked up and angry as possible. From the outset, Lee promised the cameras, “I’m going to have problems with some of the guys in here.” He then spent the rest of the episode making good on that promise.

Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette.
Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette.

Lee Gets on Everyone’s Nerves (Except Rachel’s)

First up was Eric. Lee had gotten into it with him earlier in the evening, and now refused to make peace with him. That was just a blip on the radar, though, as Lee soon moved on to Kenny – who was with Rachel when Lee showed up.

Kenny was in the middle of pouring out his heart when Lee cut in. (Technically, he gave Kenny “16 seconds” to wrap it up, but considering Lee stood a few feet away counting down the clock, those 16 seconds hardly mattered.) Lee then sat down beside Rachel on the sofa and told her a heart-wrenching tale of his grandfather who got cancer and presented her with a piece of wood that he etched using his late grandfather’s knife. “Enchanted,” was the word he’d chosen.

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Rachel seemed pretty into it, though back inside the men were not impressed. Dean called Lee a “bitch” and accused him of being a racist. “The longer Lee sticks around, the more everyone will become aware of his intolerance,” Dean predicted.

Kenny Confronts Lee

While Rachel made googly eyes at Bryan (while simultaneously questioning if he was too charming to be real), Kenny confronted Lee. “You took advantage of our friendship to snake me and get more time with Rachel,” Kenny said. “I hope Kenny punches Lee in the face,” Dean said to the camera. Kenny did not punch Lee in the face, however.

As Kenny got angrier and angrier, Lee seemed more and more pleased. “I get tickled when I smile and an angry man gets angrier,” Lee said to the camera. “I thought you were my friend and you continuously prove that you are not,” Kenny said to the camera.

“Kenny, you’re going home,” Lee declared. Well, they were going to find out soon enough, because Rachel – tired of all the arguing – opted to have the rose ceremony early so the night could be done.

Rachel Breaks Down

Before the rose ceremony, Rachel broke down in tears. “The pressure that I feel about being a black woman,” she said. “I get pressured from so many different ways being in this position. I didn’t want to get into all of this tonight and I already know what people are going to say about me and judging me for the decisions that I’m making and I’m going to be the one to deal with it and not anybody else.”

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Ultimately, she gave roses to Will, Dean, Jonathan, Peter, Adam, Bryan, Matt, Josiah, Iggy, Kenny and Lee. No one was happy that Lee was sticking around. They then headed to Hilton Head for a change of scenery.

The next day, Dean and Rachel went on a one-on-one date that involved drinking lots of champagne and making out on a blimp ride. While the guys in the house were convinced that Dean’s age (he’s only 25) would be a big strike against him, during a romantic dinner he really opened up to Rachel about losing his mother to cancer in a way that sounded very, distinctly adult. Rachel took note and gave him a rose.

Josiah Dominates the Group Date

The following day Rachel headed out on a group date with Alex, Anthony, Peter, Bryan, Jonathan, Adam, Matt, Kenny, Lee, Iggy, Eric, Will and Josiah. After a boat ride and an awkward rap by Peter about farting, the guys competed in a spelling bee. After several were eliminated for failing to properly spell words including coitus, champagne and boudoir, Josiah won. Rachel was thrilled there hadn’t been any arguments and even Peter admitted he had “an unexpectedly good time.”

Iggy Ruins the Mood

That night, however, the claws came out again when Iggy used his one-on-one time with Rachel to tell her he questioned Josiah’s motives for being there. Iggy said Josiah “secludes” himself from the group and called him a “pariah.” Iggy insisted he was only telling Rachel because he was “weirdly protective” of her, but the guys didn’t all buy that motive. Eric called Iggy a “gossip queen” and Josiah told the cameras that Iggy had allegedly confessed to the group that he does drugs and shoots steroids. Lee did spend most of his time with Rachel working hard to make Kenny look bad, for whatever that’s worth.

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Lee Vs. Kenny, Round Two

Tensions were flaring between Lee and Kenny by the night’s end. “You can take that fake WWE wrestling somewhere else,” Lee said to the camera as Kenny performed a freestyle rap for Rachel. (Lots of rapping tonight.) Rachel loved the rap, but then confronted Kenny about his yelling match with Lee a few nights earlier.

Kenny admitted that he hadn’t handled the situation well, but said that Lee had been giving him “shade” and was “super disingenuous.” Rachel told Kenny that Lee had said that Kenny was the aggressor in their argument. “I just feel like he was dismissing me at every turn,” Kenny said, obviously frustrated. “Lee’s handshake doesn’t match his smile,” he added – but he was worried Rachel believed Lee over him and he wasn’t happy about that. Then he headed off to find Lee.

Tell Us: What do you think is going to happen between Lee and Kenny?

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