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‘Bachelorette’ Recap: Rachel Lindsay Gets Dating Advice From Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Tonight’s theme: “Get the f— out!” It might seem like an usual choice for a show intended to lead to love, but on the Monday, May 29, episode of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay found herself kicking one man out of the house after a shocking betrayal came to light.

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Before things headed south, however, Rachel’s spirits were actually great. “This right here is wife material,” she said as she pointed to herself. “So I’m looking for husband materials.” She then headed out on a group date with Dean, Iggy, Kenny, Jonathan, Lucas (aka “Whaboom”), and Blake (Whaboom’s number one enemy). “Lucas is garbage,” Blake said to the camera. “The one person who can ruin this for him is me and I am going to.” Before Lucas had the chance to make good on his promise, though …

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Drop In

Apparently, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are huge fans of the show and huge fans of Rachel. Also, Mila’s parents were in town to watch their kids so they had a free afternoon — and they decided to spend it helping Rachel find love. Aww.

To do that, they were going to judge a “Husband Material” obstacle course, which required the gents to change a baby’s diaper, vacuum with the baby strapped to them in a Bjorn, and dig a diamond ring out of a clogged sink. Much to Blake’s dismay, Lucas actually won the challenge and got some quality alone time with Rachel, who told the cameras that she loved that Lucas continued to surprise her.

That hardly mattered though, because Ashton declared that he didn’t think Rachel’s husband was in this group anyway. When Mila told him he was jumping to conclusions, he argued, “I knew on day one.” Mila beamed and said, “Someone’s getting laid tonight, or at least a blow job.” Ashton smiled and added, “Twice.”

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Ashton might have been right about Rachel’s prospects in the first group, though, because before the night ended, she admitted she was feeling rather bored.

Rachel Lindsay Courtesy ABC

Whaboom Goes the Dynamite — Maybe

The other guys pretty much told Lucas they thought he was full of it, which he denied. “It’s not an act. It’s not a show. When I want to turn it on, I turn it on. When I want to turn it off, I turn it off,” he said. Blake marched over to Rachel to tell her that Lucas was only there to “promote whaboom” and not to win her heart.

“He’s just not here for the right reasons. I live with his ex-girlfriend. She’s my roommate. He’s a clown for TV exposure,” Blake reported. As evidence of this, Blake said he knew that Lucas when to the department store to get makeup so he would look his best on TV.

Blake went back to the rest of the group feeling good about his decision and confident that Rachel would now send Lucas packing. Lucas didn’t seem too worried, though. “It’s a kind of unspoken connection that Rachel and I have and some people need to attack that with false statements,” Lucas argued to the camera.

As the group date ended, Rachel gave Dean the group date rose. He walked her to her car and kissed her. She described the smooch as “sweet,” “sensual” and “genuine.”

Peter Gets a One-on-One

The next day, Rachel and Peter flew to Palm Springs for a one-on-one date — except that Rachel had a special guest along for the ride: her dog, Copper. Poor Copper had suffered some type of accident and had a leg in a cast, but seemed in good spirits for the trip. Peter really bonded with Copper and Rachel was impressed.

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Later, over dinner, Rachel and Peter bonded too — over their gap teeth. “If we do have children at some point, our children are pretty much screwed,” Peter joked. Rachel then asked why he was single since he was so great and he confessed that after a bad breakup he’d gone to therapy to work on himself. He said it had been very helpful and Rachel loved what she was hearing because she too had gone to therapy following a breakup. She gave him a rose at the end of the date and declared that she was a “smitten kitten” over Peter. Everything was going so well …

DeMario’s Maybe-Girlfriend Shows Up

The next group date had the guys all playing a spirited game of basketball, led by NBA great Kareem Abdul Jabbar. (It was a celebrity fest tonight.) Everything went OK, until after the game when the guys were chilling in the locker room and some woman named Lexi introduced herself to Rachel, explaining that she and DeMario had been dating until she saw him on the show.

Lexi said she and DeMario had been seeing each other for seven months and he still had keys to her apartment. From the story she told, he basically ghosted her and then showed up on TV. Rachel got DeMario out of the locker room to explain himself, and he didn’t do a very good job.

He said Lexi was “psycho” and he had dated her on and off but had broken up with her properly and in-person, despite her claims. Lexi then whipped out her phone to show evidence that her version of events was correct and Rachel was convinced.

“I’m not here to be played. I’m not here to be made a joke of,” she said to DeMario. “So I’m really going to need you to get the f–k out. I don’t like being embarrassed. I really can’t look at you right now.”

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She then told the other guys what had happened. “I gave him a chance to explain himself and he couldn’t, so I sent him home,” she reported. “I am truly giving myself in this process, and so I don’t want to be played … I don’t want to be made a fool of and so if anybody else has a girlfriend, please just tell me now.” No one said anything and they headed back to the house for the next rose ceremony.

Somewhere in the midst of the cocktail party Bryan managed to convince her to let him give her a massage (because he’s … umm … a doctor or an almost-doctor?) and that’s when DeMario showed up at the gate wanting to talk to her. The episode ended before Rachel decided whether she was going to humor him … but we all know she will … next week.

Tell Us: Do you think Rachel was right to send DeMario home?

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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