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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Three Women Quit, Josh Murray Threatens Nick Viall

Get this, Bachelor Nation: Not one, not two, but six contestants left Chris Harrison‘s intoxicated love den during the Monday, August 29, episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Oh, and Ashley Iaconetti finally had a connection with someone other than Jared Haibon — and we’re not just talking about the feral dog she met on the streets of Mexico. Find out what went down, if you can handle it. Which, honestly, you might not be able to due to #drama.

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Ashley Goes on the Rebound, Everything Is Great

Praise Beysus, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel that is Ashley obsessing over Jared. Actually, that’s a lie — but the good news is that Wells Adams wandered into Paradise after Ashley issued a prayer to her dead dog. To quote: “I know she went to heaven because all dogs do. Even though Lucy’s ashes are in a jar in my house, I know that the spirit of my dog Lucy are gonna help me on this journey.”

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Thanks to the Spirit of Lucy (may she RIP), Wells asked Ashley on a date, and they had a great time eating tacos, bonding with a puppy and making out. And for a brief moment, it even looked like Ash might be over her ex. Ahem, emphasis on “looked.”

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Ashley’s Dreams Get Crushed, So She Ruins Caila’s

So, are Caila Quinn and Jared safe from Ashley’s wrath? LOL, nope, because Jami Letain wandered into Paradise and immediately asked out Wells (FYI, they had a lovely date). Weirdly, Ashley seemed pretty emotionally stable about the prospect of her new beau chilling with another woman, and instead focused her attention on taking down Caila and Jared. Again! Because why not?

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Despite admitting to Jared that her hatred for Caila was jealousy-driven, Ashley told Caila she found her untrustworthy, and basically implied that Ashley herself would never stop trolling. “It’s hard for me to get to know him,” Caila said in response. “I don’t need to be here. I don’t need the attention. I just can’t grow in my relationship, so why am I here?” The poor gal ended up deciding to leave Paradise, and we’ll have to wait until next week to find out if Jared goes with her.

Say Bye, Bye, Bye to …

See ya, #TheTwins! Emily and Haley Ferguson decided to remove themselves from Paradise thanks to having zero boyfriends, and bid their friends farewell during a tearful rose ceremony: “We’ve been here for five weeks now, and unfortunately we can’t say that we feel like it would be fair to pass out our roses this week. We came in this together, and we want to leave together, so we wish you guys all the best, and we love you all.” Thanks to Em and Haley leaving, Ryan Beckett, Carl King and Daniel Maguire were also removed from the competition, and honestly, we’ll miss that footage of Daniel pouring syrup on himself.

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray

Josh Melts Down, Shows His True Colors, Hates on Nick

The twins get the last word! Haley and Emily confronted Amanda Stanton about Josh Murray‘s temper after confiding in Nick Viall about their concerns. Long story short: Josh flipped out when Amanda went to bed without saying goodnight to him, Nick told #TheTwins Josh was using her to help his reputation, and everything spiraled big time. Poor Amanda was reduced to tears when the Twins expressed their doubts, and yep, she opened up to Josh. His response? To say his intentions are “100 percent pure,” confront the group, and be all, “My dog’s been battling cancer for six straight months. I don’t need to be here!” (Side note: So many unhealthy dogs were featured in this episode. Sending #love and #light.)

Josh seemed especially displeased with Nick, and after low-key threatening him (“You need to hope everything’s good with me and her!”), he talked Amanda down. At the end of the day, she stuck with her man — and even apologized to him for having doubts. “At this point, I’m really tired of people telling me who I should or shouldn’t be with,” Amanda told cameras. “Josh showed he does have a little bit of a temper tonight, but at the same time, I think he has a reason to.”

Lace and Grant Break Up and Make Up

#Grace had a pretty bumpy episode, but fear not! Their love connection is still in tact. That said, Grant Kemp was furious when Lace Morris started flirting with Carl in front of him, and they had an awkward conversation that went a li’l something like this …

Grant: “You started hitting on Carl right in front of me. Just to piss me off. … You disrespected me, and I don’t put up with that.”

Lace: “Get out of my face. Have fun finding love with someone else!” *Storms off in a huff*

Fortunately, these two had a tearful makeup fest — but more important, Evan Bass and Carly Waddell expressed their love for each other. It’s all happening! Paradise is the best! Nothing will go wrong!

Tell Us: Will Jared leave Paradise with Caila?

Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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