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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Jasmine Calls Christen a ‘Slimy Snake’ and Threatens to Punch Her

When in Paradise – do not play the game “What’s going in Jack Stone’s mouth.” The Monday, August 28, episode of Bachelor in Paradise began with Alexis putting random items in Jack’s mouth while he was blindfolded. When Alexis held a dead crab up to Jack’s face, however, he decided he didn’t like that game so much.

That’s when Christen (the virgin from Nick Viall’s season) arrived with a date card. Jasmine promptly told her Matt was off-limits, but Matt made sure to let Christen know that actually wasn’t the case. She promptly told him he was cute and asked him on her date.

Jasmine Goode Bachelor in Paradise
Jasmine Goode on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

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Matt then told Jasmine he was planning on going on the date. “I want to just take off for a while and have some fun,” he said. Jasmine told him to go ahead and swore she wouldn’t be mad.

Jasmine Goes Off on Christen

“You want good TV, ABC? I’m about to give you good TV,” Jasmine later promised as she marched toward Christen’s room. Jasmine said it was “totally fine,” but then said it seemed a little “sneaky and slimy.” Jasmine reiterated Christen was a “slimy snake” during her video interview. Christen then marched over to tell Raven what happened, who promised to talk to Jasmine for her. While Christen broke down in tears, Jasmine continued attacking the newcomer to anyone who would listen.

Taylor Nolan and Christen Whitney Bachelor in Paradise
Taylor Nolan and Christen Whitney on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Despite Jasmine’s insistence that she had nothing to worry about, it seemed she did. Halfway through the date, Matt and Christen were in the ocean making out with each other. Wells predicted that when they returned it would be “the atomic bomb of Jasmine.” She planned to welcome him back to the resort with a wild, romantic kiss – right in front of Christen.

The Atomic Bomb of Jasmine

When Matt and Christen walked up, Jasmine literally hopped on him. After demanding that he join her for a date night, Jasmine flitted away to take a shower. Christen got busy telling everyone she and Matt made out all day. “Christen, you messed with the wrong bitch,” Deancommented during his video interview. “If we weren’t on tape right now, I probably would have just pushed her, punched her in the face a little bit,” Jasmine said. She calmed down a bit when she found Matt alone in his bed, instead of with Christen.

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Robby Gets Stuck in the Friend Zone

Robby, meanwhile, tried his very best to get his relationship with Amanda out of the friend zone, surprising her with a pool full of glowsticks. Robby then took an evening stroll with the bubbly blonde on the beach and got up the nerve to go in for a kiss. Unfortunately, he kissed her cheek. She said she wasn’t sure how she felt about him. He mumbled something about “baby steps” toward romance and she let him hold her hand. The next night he finally got a kiss, on the lips, like he so desperately wanted. Asked about it for the camera, Amanda said she was “very excited to get his rose.”

Bachelor in Paradise
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ cast

Taylor and Derek Hit a Bumpy Road

Derek and Taylor were talking about their relationship when she made a comment that they had an abnormal amount of together time in paradise compared to real life. When Derek got annoyed and told Taylor, “F–k you” — and she freaked. “That really hurts me and that is like, a big trigger point for me,” Taylor cried to the camera. “The way we communicate is very important to me,” she said to him later.

Derek asked if he could kiss her and she said that she needed some time to think about. The next morning, she said she thought their relationship might be over. “If he tries to give me a rose, like… I can’t,” she reasoned.

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They talked later, though, and all was well again. Taylor thought the fact that they had a disagreement and overcame it was testament to the true “magic” of their relationship.

Triangle Time

Adam was in a love triangle with Raven and Sarah. “I feel like Raven challenges me more,” he admitted to the camera. Sarah then pulled Adam to the side to tell him, again, that she was into him. She wanted his rose. She then kissed him and ran away.

Then there was the love triangle with Diggy, Lacey, and Dominique. It wasn’t really a triangle, since he was clearly not into one of them. “I expected better from you,” Lacey said as she read him the riot act for jumping into Dominique’s arms less than 60 minutes after they returned from their date. He then told her he only wanted to give her a heads up that he was giving his rose to Dominique.

Oh, and remember Dean, Kristina, and Danielle L? Dean proceeded to tell Kristina that she was the most “fascinating” person he’d ever met. “I care so much more about the way you feel than Danielle,” he added. Kristina liked hearing that. They kissed a bit and then Dean went over to talk to D-Lo. “I was never expecting you to be as interesting as you are,” he told Danielle. “You have so many impressive qualities about you.” He also said he was infatuated with her and kissed her.

Matt Peaces Out

Just before the rose ceremony, Matt decided to leave. Yep – he was just over it. This left both Jasmine and Christen scrambling to find a rose and in tears. They both zeroed in on Jack, but we’ll have to wait and see whether either of them convinced him to hand over his coveted flower.

Tell Us: Were you surprised Matt left paradise?

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