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Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’: Ranking His Five Cold Opens Ahead of 2016 Presidential Election Results

The debates throughout the 2016 presidential election have been like watching small children throw sticks at each other on the playground. Luckily, the Saturday Night Live skits making fun of the campaign trail have had no qualms about calling the candidates out for their shenanigans. (Click here to follow our live blog of 2016 presidential election results.)

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Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon have killed it with their spot-on impressions of candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in their mind-boggling and ridiculous real-life face-offs. That said, while the sketches include some hilarious jokes, it’s hard to compete with some of unintentional comedy from the real-life candidates. 

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YouTube users have said Baldwin deserves an award for his incredible Trump impressions. This is true, but some of the jokes were just a toupee’s-length away from hitting the mark. Here are the best and worst of Baldwin’s Trump impersonations on SNL.

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5. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open: October 16

Best: Home Alone 2 Shout-Out

This insanity is, without a doubt, something Trump would say in real life. “I’ve been helping kids my whole life. In 1992, I helped a kid named Kevin McCallister find a hotel lobby,” he said. “You might remember the documentary, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.”

Worst: The Opening Statement

Following McKinnon’s hilarious attempt at a Clinton “casual lean” in her opening, Baldwin’s bit didn’t quite live up to that. “Tonight I’m going to do three things. I’m going to huff, I’m going to puff and I’m going to blow this whole thing …” he said. We thought there’d be more or some kind of punch line, but it just … sort of … ended.

4. Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump Cold Open: November 6

Best: All The Kissing

All the people he claimed to not have any relationship with — the FBI, Vladimir Putin, the KKK — Baldwin kissed and called “sweetie,” super-nonchalantly. It’s kind of shocking Trump hasn’t done this in real life, honestly.

Worst: The Ending

Breaking out of character, Baldwin and McKinnon reflected on the election by asking each other and the audience, “Doesn’t it just make you feel gross?” They then ran outside holding hands and skipping into the streets of NYC, where Baldwin hugged a black man and a Latino family, and McKinnon hugged a Trump supporter. Then, they came back into the studio and urged the audience to vote. Why’d you have to get all preachy, guys?

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin as Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump during an ‘SNL’ sketch in 2016.

3. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Cold Open: October 1

Best: Groundbreaking Findings on Clinton

The 30 Rock alum mocked Trump’s cockiness and love of irrelevant information perfectly when acting like Bill Clinton’s affair was something he was just discovering. “It’s true, my investigators are looking into it right now,” he said. “Was a woman, named Monica, very heavy. I don’t have her last name yet, but when I get it, I’m gonna set my alarm for 3:20 a.m. and go sit on my gold toilet bowl and tweet about it until completion.” Spot-on and brilliant.

Worst: All the ‘Wrongs’

For much longer than needed, Baldwin’s Trump answered “wrong” to every statement made. It was funny the first five times, but we got it after that. If the show was trying to get Trump’s obnoxiousness across, they did it. And then some.

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin as Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump during an ‘SNL’ sketch in 2016.

2. VP Debate Cold Open: October 9

Best: ‘Miami P‑‑sy’

After interrupting the vice presidential debate between Tim Kaine (Mikey Day) and Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) to defend his remarks in the infamous Access Hollywood tapes, Baldwin’s Trump didn’t realize his camera and mic were still on. “I wish I was that hurricane tearing through all that hot Miami p‑‑sy. I would just destroy it,” he said. But what made it so great was his creepy hand gestures that had the audience rolling. It was repulsive and hilarious at the same time.

Worst: Billy Bush

When making fun of Trump’s empty attempt to defend his comments about women, the jokes definitely could’ve been less womp-womp. “I was trying to look cool. I mean, what normal, red-blooded American doesn’t want to impress the Billy Bush?” he said. “Also, P.S., you have to admit it’s kind of funny that the only Bush that matters in this general election is Billy.” The joke totally fell flat, and the audience’s crickets were proof.

1. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Third Debate Cold Open: October 23

[Watch the sketch in the video above.]

Best: Mr. Guacamole

Digging at Trump’s blatant disregard for stereotypes (hence “bad hombres”), Baldwin totally took it there. “I have a fantastic relationship with Mexico, OK? I have personally met with the Mexican president,” he said. “I forget his name, I think it was something like Mr. Guacamole. … I’m sorry, excuse me, Señor Guacamole.” Delivery game so strong.

Worst: ‘So Many “Trademarks’

In this skit, all the “wrongs” were replaced with a handful of blurted out “trademarks.” One of them was: “I, the best-ever Donald Trump, promise to accept the results of this election if I win. Got you, loser. Trademark.” We got it, guys. We got it.

Here’s to hoping the events that will take place on Election Day on Tuesday, November 8, won’t be nearly as comical, or flop-ridden, as these skits.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET. 

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