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The D’Amelios Detail ‘Really Tough Time’ for Marc and Heidi: How Their Marital Issues Affected Dixie

While Marc and Heidi D’Amelio faced struggles in their marriage, and they exclusively opened up to Us Weekly about how their daughters Dixie and Charli were affected by their issues.

“I couldn’t have more love for my wife. I think that was the beginning of some of the issues. We’ve been like a lot of married couples,” Marc, 54, exclusively told Us Weekly ahead of the season 3 premiere of The D’Amelio Show. “We’ve been inseparable for the last 23 years, and I’ve been the one that’s kind of had my own life outside of our marriage, whether it’s business or other things. And I think you get to see Heidi in a position where she’s finding herself and me not understanding that and being a little bit insecure and being like, ‘Wait, why [am] I not enough?’”

While filming season 3 of the Hulu reality show, Heidi, 51 — who had been a stay-at-home mom before her daughters entered the spotlight — had the chance to step out of her comfort zone. She competed on season 31 of Dancing With the Stars alongside Charli, 19, who ultimately took home the mirrorball. Outside the ballroom, she and Marc dealt with growing pains in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Dixie, 22, shared in The D’Amelio Show that she lost 15 pounds while she felt caught in the middle of her mom and dad’s relationship woes.

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“It was definitely a really tough time and kind of life-changing on how I look at relationships and how I feel towards things,” Dixie explained to Us. “It made me also realize … I care about very few people the way I care about my family, and if I didn’t love them so much, I wouldn’t have been so invested and upset with all the situations. So I think even though it was really tough for me, I know that it was all out of love and I would just do anything for my family.”

D Amelio Family Details Really Tough Time for Marc and Heidi and How it Affected Daughter Dixie 258
Jason Kempin/Getty Images for MTV

While things seemed bad to the family, Heidi confessed that divorce was not on the table for her and wanted to get through the rough patch with Marc by her side.

“As I’m finding myself and I’m learning and growing in this time, the only thing that is in my mind is us doing that together. It being me, and me growing, but you’re right here with me,” she told Us. “And so that was nothing outside of that was ever an option or a thought in my head.”

D Amelio Family Details Really Tough Time for Marc and Heidi and How it Affected Daughter Dixie 259
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Marc and Heidi ultimately worked things out and things. Dixie shared that her family was “all in a great place now” and joked she gained the weight back and then some.

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Meanwhile, Marc, for his part, expressed that he wishes he could have been more understanding towards Heidi. However, he’s happy their relationship is stronger now because of it.

“I should have been more supportive throughout it. And now looking at it, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so proud of you and all the things you accomplished,’ but it’s something you can’t prepare for,” he shared. “And we went through it and I think we’re a lot stronger now, and I definitely have taken responsibility for, I could have probably handled things a little bit better. And that’s great about being an open-minded adult and learning how to grow is awesome.”

Season 3 of The D’Amelio Show premieres on Hulu Wednesday, September 20.