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Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald Was ‘Very Sick’ After Miscarriage, Details Next Fertility Steps (Exclusive)

Mary Fitzgerald recalled her emotional miscarriage — and how she’s started to heal — six months after the loss.

“I needed time to heal,” Fitzgerald, 43, exclusively told Us Weekly of her 2023 pregnancy loss while promoting season 7 of Selling Sunset. “It was a septic miscarriage as well. I got very, very, very sick. And that was just really hard.”

The Selling Sunset star, who had to undergo surgery after the pregnancy complication, explained: “I think emotionally and physically, it was very, very difficult and I needed just time to process and grieve, heal. And so, it took quite a few months. I think it’s been about six months. I’m OK now.”

Mary Fitzgerald Was Very Sick After Miscarriage
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Fitzgerald revealed via social media in March that she “did get pregnant and unfortunately that didn’t work out.” She explained at the time that following her and husband Romain Bonnet’s Bali honeymoon in January, she suffered a miscarriage, some of which the Selling Sunset cameras captured for season 7.

“We were supposed to film the day when we found out, and Romaine just called [the team]. He’s like, ‘Do not show up at our house. I will not let you in. She needs a minute,’” Fitzgerald recalled of the heartbreaking moment. “And so he was, like, my total protector.”

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Looking back, the realtor said she “probably should have waited until [she] was in the safe zone” to share her pregnancy news. However, she told Us she “couldn’t hold it in” because she was “so excited.”

Fitzgerald noted that there was a silver lining to the loss in that she and Bonnet, 30, did grow “closer and stronger” as a couple.

“Knowing I have a man like that on my side is just, I mean, couldn’t ask for more,” she gushed. “He always never lets me down. He is just a total rock and always impresses me at how he handles situations, so maturely in such a loving way, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”

Mary and Romain at Coachella 2022

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Despite having Bonnet to lean on, the sting of such a traumatic miscarriage is still on Fitzgerald’s mind as the pair explore their options moving forward.

“We’re just trying to decide what to do because they did find some other things when they went in for MRIs and for the surgery itself, for the miscarriage,” Fitzgerald told Us. “So, it might cause more complications doing it again. And so, we’re trying to figure out what to do.”

Over the years, Fitzgerald has been open about her fertility struggles and goals to expand her family. (Fitzgerald shares son Austin, 26, with a past partner.)

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“We did a round of embryo freezing, it didn’t work. We need to do another one, we started another round,” she exclusively told Us in December 2022. “But I think on [Selling Sunset] season 6, you’ll see why, what happened. We didn’t get to finish that one so now we’re just kind of just trying naturally.”

At the time, the Oppenheim Group real estate broker said they would “do another round” of fertility treatments if “it doesn’t work naturally.”

Fitzgerald confessed that while she initially had “some reservations” about being a mom again, her confidence in Bonnet as a father has never been in question. “He is going to be the most amazing dad,” she added. “He’s so loving and responsible and thoughtful, so he’s going to be great with a kid.”

Season 7 of Selling Sunset premieres on Netflix Friday, November 3.

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