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Now Ryan Gosling Is Saving Pigs

Ryan Gosling speaks out against the treatment of pigs in the Canadian
Ryan Gosling 

Just when Ryan Gosling couldn't get any dreamier… he does.

Apparently, when he's not gracing the silver screen with his baby blues or saving women from being struck by cabs, he's fighting for the humane treatment of animals – or, more specifically, pigs.

In an op-ed he penned for The Globe and Mail, the sensitive heartthrob shines a light on the treatment of pigs in the Canadian food industry.

What begins as a heartfelt love-letter to his "beloved dog George" shifts into a well crafted argument for better living conditions for mother pigs, who are often kept in tiny cages so small that they can't even turn around. Living in these "iron maidens" leads to both physical and emotional distress for the animals, and Gosling has had enough.

He drops a little knowledge about the swine – apparently they "feel both physical and mental pain" and "outperform even chimpanzees on some tests of cognitive prowess!" – and while he "applauds" the recent steps Canadaís National Farm Animal Care Council has taken to improve pigs' quality of life, he says there's still more to be done. Though the council has limited the amount of time these breeding pigs can be kept in these gestation crates, the new law still has "a loophole" that allows the pork industry to lock up these "smart, inquisitive animals" for up to five weeks at a time.

He argues that compared to a pig's total lifespan of only a few years, this is still too long. And we have to agree.

Gosling ends his piece with a call to action. "I join Farm Sanctuary and Humane Society International in asking that it close this dangerous loophole by prohibiting the pork industry from confining pigs for weeks at a time – something I would never dream of doing to George, and that no compassionate Canadian would ever do to any animal."

Changing laws in the mass-market food industry is certainly no easy task, but something tells us if anyone can help get it done, it's this guy.

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