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Julia Roberts, Jimmy Fallon Throw Giant Balls at Each Other’s Faces, Get Squashed Noses

Crazy stuff! Ever wondered what Julia Roberts‘ famous face would look like after a giant inflatable beach ball was thrown at it? Seems Jimmy Fallon did! And he answered the question on The Tonight Show on Thursday, July 31, with a new game, Face Balls.

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A stunning Roberts, dressed in tiny black shorts showing off her long, slender legs, was visibly nervous of what was to come as host Fallon explained the game: They’d each throw see-through inflatable balls into each other’s faces, and then watch the results back on a slow motion camera.

Julia went first, lobbing the ball straight at her competitor’s face with so much force his head was pushed right back.

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“Oh my gosh, you don’t have to throw it that hard!” yelled Fallon, laughing. The pair then sat down to watch the moment in slow-mo. “You flattened my face,” he continued. “You crumpled my nose!”

Next up, it was Roberts’ turn. “I cannot believe you are going to do this,” she complained. “Wow, you people are twisted. I’m kind of scared.”

Julia Roberts on Fallon

Taking care of his guest’s famous visage, Fallon went easy on Roberts, just making her nose wiggle with the impact. But then came round two!

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“Bigger balls!” remarked Roberts nervously, before quipping, “I think I’m better handling bigger balls.”

This time, the result of the Oscar-winning actress’s face squash was completely hilarious.

Click on the link above to see what happened to Roberts’ nose and upper lip!

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