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5 Buzzy Moments From the Democratic Presidential Debate, Including Hillary Clinton Thanking Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton squared off against Bernie Sanders in the first Democratic Presidential Debate on Oct. 13. 

Gentlemen (and lady!), start your engines! The first Democratic Presidential Debate kicked off in Las Vegas, Nev., on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Current frontrunner Hillary Clinton was joined on stage by Lincoln Chafee, Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb, and, last but certainly not least, Bernie Sanders.

CNN's Anderson Cooper acted as moderator, presenting the questions and making sure the candidates stuck to the time limits they'd agreed upon. (Hardly any of them actually did.)

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The debate itself lacked some of the flash of its Republican predecessor (largely, it seemed, due to the absence of Donald Trump), but there were still a few moments that stood out. Here are our top five highlights from tonight's debate.

1. Sheryl Crow sang the national anthem.

The evening opened with some megawatt star power, when crooner Sheryl Crow stepped on stage to belt out a heartfelt version of the national anthem. Respectful and sincere, it set the tone for the evening ahead.

2. Donald Trump tweeted the entire event. Naturally.

Just because he wasn't on stage didn't mean he was going to keep his opinions to himself! The Republican frontrunner took to Twitter early on to share his thoughts, which ranged from challenging Clinton's claims about her voting record to boredom to annoyance with the number of commercials.

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As for the rest of the field, Trump asked, "Can anyone imagine Chafee as president? No way." He then added, "O'Malley, as former Mayor of Baltimore, has very little chance."

3. Hillary Clinton said thank you to Bernie Sanders.

Asked about those emails, Clinton argued that the investigation committee is "basically an arm" of the Republican National Committee, but before she had to say much else, an unlikely defender came to her aid—rival Bernie Sanders.

"Let me say something that may not be great politics, but I think the Secretary is right and that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!"

A delighted Clinton replied, "Me too! Me too!" She even shook his hand and said thank you — and, perhaps even more surprising, Donald Trump complimented Sanders on the move. "Good move by Bernie S.," the former Celebrity Apprentice host declared.

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4. Hillary Clinton said she still isn't ready to legalize recreational marijuana.

Asked if she would legalize the drug for recreational purposes, Clinton quickly said no before adding, "I think that we have an opportunity, through the states that are pursuing recreational marijuana, to find out a lot more than we know today." She did take the opportunity to reiterate that she does "support the use of medical marijuana," however.

5. But Bernie Sanders might.

Asked the same question, Bernie Sanders said, "I suspect I would vote yes" to legalizing the drug for recreational use. Though he didn't say it with what we would call staunch conviction, he said it just the same, thereby drawing yet another distinction between himself and the former Secretary of State.

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